Great to meet you all.

I'm originally from London, though now I live in Cambridge, MA where I'm a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I'm working towards my doctorate in Human Development, and I study how people learn and develop through the arts. I also work at a research group called "Project Zero" which studies how people think and learn in complex settings.

I'm a lifelong atheist and committed Secular Humanist, and I'm very interested in building civic spaces for the non-religious. I'm hoping to become a Humanist Celebrant later this year!

I'd love to get to know people on here and make some new friends!



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Hi there Renee and John! Great to meet you!

John, I've been in contact with them recently - I'll fish out the email - but they do take AGES to reply, as I'm discovering. I'll shoot you a private message with the address of the person who's communicating with me. If I forget polease don't hesitate to PM me OK?
Hello back James!

I've only been here a few months myself but so far finding it to be a great community. Was a little leery at first about a specialty group for every little interest, but am now a member of several such groups.

"Project Zero" sounds interesting. If ever you need an Asperger's lab rat sign me up.





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