I'm an atheist and secular humanist from the Silicon Valley. I've pretty much always been an atheist (I think I went to Sunday school for Unitarian when I was little for about six months or so, but I don't think I ever believed in anything there any more than I did the tooth fairy...which is to say, I probably accepted it on face value until I thought for myself and realized how silly it was). I developed my own ideas before deciding to read some books and see how other atheists think...and discovered my own ideas were often the same as other atheists. About ten years or so ago, I finally started answering "I'm an atheist" when someone asked about my religion or beliefs. But I didn't start joining groups until this last year. And my Facebook profile proudly states "Atheism" under "Religion" (and I wish they would call it something else...or at LEAST "religion/non-relgion"). Aside from my passionate support for all things atheist ('cause we all know how tough it is for us non-theists out there), I'm also an avid cyclist and riding 50 miles in the Livestrong Challenge in San Jose this coming Sunday. I also hike and camp and like to play raquetball and disc golf, though I'm not too great at those... I'm also an actress (my next play is in September) and a dancer (belly dancer "Elanah"). I have four cats. And I have three sisters who are all atheist, too, though not as active as I am. I've also been unemployed for a year and three months, and I'm really frustrated that I haven't even been able to land an interview since I moved back to my home town. Sigh. Well, I think that's pretty much the basics about me...I can't wait to read more of the introductions and delve into the groups...

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Welcome to A|N, Jennifer! I just joined a couple of days ago and I am so thankful for this site. You'll find a ton of great stuff here and everyone is pretty nice. You said you have four cats, you might find the group Atheist Ailurophiles interesting. I have cats too. :)

Glad you made it here! And good luck at the Livestrong Challenge this weekend.
Thank you, Kristina!! I was looking for "cats"...silly me. But I did find the LOLcats group...and now I just joined the Ailurphiles. I think I joined about 20 groups in the last day...now I just have to find time to visit 'em all! :-)




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