Glad to have found this welcoming community. I hail from Los Angeles California and have travelled the world in search of the meaning of life...just kidding-but I have travelled around the world though.  I live in the heart of the southern bible belt, Atlanta Georgia-so recruitment efforts are strong...haha    I'm a lone wolf so it may take me a minute to warm up, but I'm definitely glad to have landed here where open hearts and open minds reside.  Thanks for the big welcome! Look for forward to participating.


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hahahah  That must be one big belt!  I'm in Texas and refer to it as the "Heart of the Bible Belt".  No matter; there are more than enough xtians to fit in the humongous pants held up by that belt.  Welcome to A/N - we are glad you're here!
Welcome Vanessa.  You might want to look up American Freethought and subscribe to the Podcast or at least review the blog.  One of the hosts is in the Atlanta area (both used to be), so they cover Atlanta news pretty well.




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