Hi, my name is Lamar, age 24. Lets see......I grew up in the Northwest, Washington and Oregon. I joined the navy after high school and I have been in for 6 years now. I'm a weather reporter for air traffic controllers and I'm stationed in New Jersey. I was also stationed in Florida where I went on one deployment to the Mediterranean and North Atlantic and visited great places like Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Crete, and the Bahamas.


I joined the Nexus to simply gain some knowledge, read opinions, ask questions etc. I'm on some other website communities but I'm not on an online community where everyone is so like-minded.


Cya around :D

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Nice to have you, Lamar. I'm new as well. Have you tried The Brights' forums? I used to be a member here on AN then took a forum vacation. I started using The Brights' forums and there seems to be a lot of overlap in membership between the two communities. Anyway, not to deter you from using AN; I started using it again specifically because of the nice things people had to say about it on those forums!


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