My story is not a particulary interesting one. 
I was born and raised in a christian family. Then I realized how amazingly cool it is to be a skeptic and to discover wonders of the Universe through science and logic. When I came out as an atheist my family used all the psychological torture they could think of to convince me otherwise. Finally they gave up and now I can peacefully enjoy my deviant atheistic life.

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Hi Natalia,
I'm a newbie to this site but not atheism. My husband and I began studying about religion about a year ago and have come to the same conclusion that there is no god. It's been wonderfully liberating! My husband's family however are dogmatic about religion and probably believe me to be a horrible corruptor! I don't care, we're very happy.

lucky you ; they gave up and that's great.... i wish i could do the same.. nobody here knows that i am an atheist. let's keep it that way for the time being




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