I just wanted to say hello to everyone and say I'm so glad that I stumbled on this site.
I was born into a very religious family. The church was a huge part of my life my first 13 years. I was a Baptist/Pentecostal Christian first and everything else came after. My love of science, which I didn't understand the threat it posed at the time, was what brought me to rational enough thinking to realize how wrong and terrible the church was and so I left it and never went back. Well... except for weddings and such but never for spiritual reasons. I then went through varying degrees of theism, then deism.
Just a couple weeks ago I allowed myself to admit that I was Agnostic. Within a couple days of that I admitted to myself that I'm atheist. I think it was a way I could give myself permission to take the final step. Now I'm just trying to work through the years of programming that was reactivated and going haywire. I have learned one trick though. Rational thought stops it dead in it's tracks. I'm just now trying to figure out the rest, and when ready come out to my family. So that's why I'm here.

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Welcome aboard, Noh. Just take your time and work through it slowly, you don't have to come up with anything earth shattering within the first six weeks! There's lots of support here, just reach out and you'll get responses. We're really glad to have you here.
Thank's for your welcome. I think that's about all the rushing I'm planning on doing. ;)
Yeah I've been exploring and on this site alone there is a lot of really great articles and conversations.
Welcome to Atheist Nexus! That's a cool first name.




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