Hello everyone, I have a HUGE favour to ask of you!!! I want to know ur opinions

I know I keep saying I fear hell, but it would really make me feel better if some logical and rational minds could just look at this article and tell me what they think. It would really be appreciated.

I really appreciate this in advance, I'm just so afraid.

this is what I wanted people to read, and the link is listed above:
I was living in Columbus, Ohio. My job was building fire trucks for Sutphen Fire Equipment Corporation in Dublin. I had been working there for about four years at that time. It was Friday, about 2:30 in the afternoon.  We were putting doors of fire trucks together, punching out the holes on the doors. We would do about 60 at a time, which would be about 3 or 4 trucks worth. Gill, a fellow employee and friend of mine, was picking up the doors and putting them into the punch machine. I would hold them at the top and line each one up on the press, then let go. He would push a button with his foot and the machine would punch out the hole in each door.

The day was a typical cold winter day and a pile of metal was brought in from outside the plant with snow all over it and of course the snow had melted, which left us standing in a pool of water. We weren't worried about it - otherwise we would have left and not worked there until the water dried up.

I would put my left hand on the stack of metal, which was located on the left side of my body, and then take my left hand off the metal, and then put my right hand on the machine to turn a wheel that would punch a hole in the metal for the door locks.  I would go back and forth like this all the while thinking that the machine was grounded, which it wasn't, we found out later.    

This was happening in the afternoon while others in the plant were also busy doing the jobs they were assigned to.  Sometimes the others would have their backs to me and this is the way the accident happened when Gill had walked away.

I touched the stack of metal with my left hand and touched the machine with my right hand at the same time, which caused me to become the ground of the electricity – completing the circuit. Electricity shot through me and it picked my feet right up off the ground - contracting the muscles in my legs and bending them backwards.  I knew right away that I was getting electrocuted, yet I was still able to look out into the shop from the platform that I was on and I could see everything going on as normal. No one knew that I was being electrocuted.

While I was getting electrocuted crucifixion style, the electricity was flowing right through me and shortly thereafter I saw my spirit leave my body. Instantly, I was in hell!

At that time, I didn't know anything about the Bible. I wasn't a religious person or a Christian and didn't know any Christians. I just know that I was cast into black outer darkness. I heard the most horrifying, tormenting screams imaginable. I heard these time and time again, and although I never saw who was screaming, I myself, would scream because of the fear of those frightening screams and what was about to happen next.


My sins began tormenting me while I was in that horrible place. I saw my sins pass from my right to my left like on some sort of a movie screen, viewing them all the way back to the age of five. As I viewed each sin, it would make me scream out in torment! 

Now…here I am a young man of 27 years of age while this was happening…seeing all my sins pass before me in living color, screaming in torment by every sin I saw. I saw my very first sin committed at the age of five. It was the sin of disobedience - not honoring my mother and my father. My mother said, "I don't want you boys to eat those marshmallows. We are going to roast them over the fire in the backyard with the family tonight."  My mother caught my brother, Cliff and I, hiding behind a stump in our backyard in Farmington, Michigan, eating those marshmallows. This wasn't a sin of murder, or rape, or whatever the world considers a horrible sin, but a simple sin of disobedience. It was the last of a long line of sins shown to me. I saw sin - after sin - after sin. For every sin, I screamed with torment! The pain of that torment cannot be expressed in human words.

People have asked me, "How long were you there?" Well, it felt like eternity. It seemed that long! I couldn't tell you how long I was there, but I know this much -- I don't ever want to go back!

Besides the screaming of other people in torment, there were also demons. Yes, there really are demons! I could see their grotesque faces. They came up to me and taunted me with indescribable horror and fear -- yelling in my face with such intense volume; things like: "We’ve got you now!" Laughing and sneering at me saying, "We fooled you!   We got you now!" … followed by hideous, evil laughter. 

While this was happening, I began to realize I had been spiritually blinded – deceived my whole life about the actual reality of there being evil spirits deceiving us without our realization – demons working under Satan’s command – but worse yet – there being a literal hell where people suffer torment for their sins because they didn’t accept the pardon God gives us through Jesus Christ -- Jesus Christ taking the punishment for our sins when He died on the cross, so we can be forgiven for them and not have to suffer for them once we die like I was experiencing at that moment.

Worse yet…while I was there…I had the great realization there was no hope – NO HOPE of ever seeing God, but rather suffering for my sins for all eternity!  No hopelessness in this life compares to the hopelessness I was experiencing at that moment, but yet even in my hopeless state, I somehow managed to cry out to God during this time, pleading, "Oh God - help me!" Again, "God - help me!"

Now here is what is both stunning and amazing. On my last scream pleading for God to help me…I felt God’s hand reach down and touch my shoulder. He is everywhere. In the Bible you will read it. He is in Heaven, and on earth and even in hell if He wants to be, and I’m sure glad beyond what words can describe that He wanted to be there at that moment for ME!  He heard my plea. The right hand of the Lord touched me. I felt His fingers and thumb on my shoulder and He pulled me out of hell. He set me free from not only from the torments of hell, but that electricity as well!

One of my fellow workers, Joe, who was the safety foreman in the shop, was about 150 feet from me, at the other end of the shop.  He had heard my scream, but he didn't know who had screamed nor did he hear the words I screamed, 'God help me!'

Immediately he started asking people, "Who was it that screamed like that?", and they exclaimed, “Tim!"  Then he quickly walked over and asked me, "Why did you scream like that?"

I told him, "Joe, that machine bit me! It electrocuted me!"
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He was simply hallucinating.  He claims to not have any contact with religious people but, in western society that is impossible not to know anything about Christianity..  

.... is this story a fact for you? Do you have proof that this person experienced what he wrote?

I saw nothing frightening there.  Boring, for sure, but not scary.

If you find this frightening, you must believe in the supernatural.  We here don't.  

You might be happier on a site more responsive to unbelievable beliefs.

Ditto. If you don't believe in God, why in the hell would you believe in hell? If you do believe in God, you don't belong here.

Maybe it is someone questioning and looking for a reason not to believe?

I have done an intense study of Hell with the advise of Bart Ehrman (who is currently writing a book on it) and Elaine Page's. They were both kind enough to respond to my inquiry and advise me on books to read.
I can tell you the concept of Hell is a continuous evolution of ideas that is constantly updated just as with all religion and myth. If Hell was indeed an eternal place I simply see no reason for it to change with time unless the folklore is human generated. One would certainly expect any myth to change with time as all myths do. This one certainly fits the bill. This is social science. Social science can certainly make predictions that mythology will change with culture, and it does.
What is unscientific and not demonstrable is what some guy says. All myth is based on what some guy says. What is most popular becomes pop culture or myth. This falls in line with basic meme theory( Richard Dawkins Breaking the Spell a must read)
There is simply nothing to fear other than our human natural susceptibility to buy into other people's bullshit. That is our nature that we must realize and overcome.

Point Of Information: Daniel Dennett wrote Breaking the Spell, not Richard Dawkins.

Oops! Two greats are sometimes easy to confuse I hope they both would take it as a GREAT complement!

Hes in ohio and didn't know a christain? Sounds like bullshit. This sounds like a short story the way its told. If he didnt believe he would tell it with a pov of how he was before. Just my 2 cents.

Gwen, I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and have lived here since I moved back from upstate New York in 1978.  We got ALL SORTS of christians here, and Columbus is no different.  Indeed, if anything, the concentration and activity associated with Christianity downstate is even worse.

I don't know who this guy thinks he's fooling, but he isn't fooling me.

I want to know why you're giving this vision so much credibility when it deserves no more consideration than the dream I had last night.  Being electrocuted moves some if not all the senses into a mode of operation which is no more standard than when the body is in the process of dying and its means of knowing the world around it are being deprived of the fuel that powers them.

If this is your idea of being skeptical, I'm calling bullshit.

It is Christian trolling. I try to answer it realistically but many think they can scare the atheist into god belief by telling these stories. An atheist wouldn't even ask the question.



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