I would just like to say that I am rather excited to have found this site and have urged both my brother and boyfriend to join as they too are atheist. I joined a few days ago and have been on almost every day since but I would like to just introduce myself now while I'm thinking about it.

So I have been an atheist pretty much since I was born. I was never rasied in any sort of religion and was told that if I wanted to go to church when I was older I was welcome to, I am always very grateful for my freedom of choice within my family. I may have dabbled in the thought of religion when fitting in became an issue in high school, but my church attendance and actual religious thought only lasted for about a week at a time. I always felt very uneasy when in church or when thinking about "God", even when I was in primary school. I only really began thinking about religion and what it means to me when I started university, I took a philosophy course and we had a term on philosophy of religion, that seemed to clear all of my questions up and I officially decided I was an atheist, even though I felt that way all along. While on my course I would share my lessons with my family and, from that, both my brother and boyfriend also decided they were atheists. I have had a love for religion ever since, well I don't know if you could call it a love, more of a strong interest, and I spend a lot of time looking up any questions I have of any beliefs. I like to learn about religions, even though I do not believe in them. My mom was fine with me being atheist, even though she still has some kind of belief (I am actually not 100% sure what she believes). My father was happy as he is an atheist too. I haven't really come out to my friends yet and am not sure if I ever will as they are all strong believers and they may be angry with me for my lack of belief, so I try to avoid the topic as best I can.

I am happy to be here on Atheist Nexus and am looking forward to meeting more people like myself!

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Welcome Teri. God is an ass licker. : P
Thanks :)
Greets, Teri, and thanks for your comments elsewhere here. Please have a GREAT time!
Welcome to the party Teri!


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