I was pleasantly surprised to find this site. Great discussions here. A long time Atheist here who refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance in eighth grade because of (one nation under god).  As a senior in High School I got to drive Madeline Murray OHare around downtown Cincinnati to find Atheist books at used book stores. Today I am a 53 year old Atheist who enjoys discussing anything Atheist. Glad to be here.

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HI -- nice to meet you! : )

Welcome aboard from another godless 50-something.



I'd love to hear more about your interaction with O'Hare. Was she as abrasive as she has been described? How did you happen to end up her chauffeur? I so wish I'd seen the light as early as you did. Like AnneT, I am in my 50s too.


Ms O`Hare was very nice. It was 1976 or so and my friends father was president of the Ohio chapter of the American Atheists. He asked me to drive her downtown to obtain books on Atheism for her library. She and her son rode in the back. She bought armfuls of books. She told me a story of how she had offered to assist civil rights leaders during the 1968 riots and they had rejected her offers. She was kind and polite to me.




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