I just joined a couple days ago. I'm from San Diego and grew up in what probably was and still is the nuttiest of the popular churches in Southern California. I was won over to atheism ten years ago after reading George H. Smith's Atheism: The Case Against God and realizing that its logic was perfectly sound. It was quite a relief to know that I wasn't going to hell after all, and I "came out" brazenly and rather angrily. I'm a bit more humble about it these days; I guess I've slightly worn out my passion for not believing in something. Most of my friends are also atheists now and it seems like there's little more to be said on the issue of faith, though I must admit that I still think about it quite a lot, maybe because I was once a pretty firm believer. Anyway, even in the unlikely event that theism turns out to be correct, I can't imagine aligning myself with a deity who is at best indifferent to the immense amount of suffering on this planet.


So there's my grand intro. Feel free to respond if you'd like...

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