Many of you know I recently joined and I'm going to set my profile up. Making this thread to say hi and get familiar with ya'll. Glad there is no delusional people here. :)

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Dan, agreed. in my relatively short time here on AN, i've seen more than a few crackpots.  however, it's amazing how few real disagreements i come across on this site.  i'd say that 90% of the members share near identical worldviews on multiple topics. 


anyway, welcome Vincent.  hope to see you in some discussions. 

Hello there! Nice to have you on the site!

I don't know. I never had fruit cake, but I have had panettone with my family with a cup of tea. Since my fathers father side is italian we adopted the tradition of eating panettone with tea. Delicious. You guys should try it. As for the correlation, I don't have a clue.

I have a delusion: it has to do with my finding a Playboy centerfold type.

Hell, I deserve a delusion; I'm eighty one.

I have no delusions about my pond scum ancestors.

Ok, blue-green algae if you insist.

Welcome, Vincent, to uncertainty.

I have plenty of delusions, just not religious ones.


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