My name is Jessica. I have been spiritually sober for 8 years, after living my childhood as christian-identified. Once out of the womb that was my parents household, I was able to explore my questions without guilt. It took a long time to get over fear of hell and even then, to let go of the comforting prospect of a loving and kind-hearted deity. I made friends with a group of atheists after trying to argue with them about their strange notions. They responded by posing questions that I couldn't answer logically from the position I held, and as I began to wonder why, my misconceptions fell down around me one by one, and now I'm formally studying the biological sciences out of my interest in real answers.

Looking back on those earlier years, I remember asking those same questions and not quite sitting right with the answers I got. Part of me is frustrated with the adults in my life for providing such bogus information and allowing me to believe what I consider now to be lies (whether they knew it or not), but the other part of me is upset with myself for letting them.

When I found that group 8 years ago, atheists seemed pretty scarce - the fact that they existed at all completely blew my then-still-very-new little mind. It seems, though, now, that atheists (a group to which I now belong) are gaining a little bit of a foothold. Certainly communities such as these are a good sign of positive change - which is very promising. I believe our numbers will continue to grow as more and more people are exposed to the idea that they should question the things they take for granted. ...or at least that is my hope.

Very pleased to be among you all

- J

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