I have at last realized that I am getting nowhere by trying to believe in something that simply does not compute with me.


I have been to support groups and communities online and face to face and have run into a persistent issue:  "Jencarlene, do you believe in God and will you ask God to help you/save you/forgive you...etc."?


I have said no and they don't want to have anything to do with me.


Someone suggested this site and I am glad to be here.


I am finally coming out as an atheist.


I am finally losing my shame and shroud.


There is nothing wrong with me because I don 't believe and I know that now.


I need you guys.


Thank you,



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Hi Jencarlene, glad to have you with us.
I'm still getting the cold shoulder from people once they find out. It's gonna happen. I think the payoff is finding genuine people. It will improve. Welcome.
Well, I can sympathize with your not being able to come out before, and that people are turning they're back on you, although I do not have the same story. For some reason, people WON'T leave me alone!! Maybe it's because I constantly argue and bring up facts, and science, and rationality, and reason.. or maybe because I know the bible front to back (to the dismay of my usual opponents) and I'm cynical and have a quick tongue and I think fast for response. They claim GOD made me this way, when I say if GOD made me wise, then he made you retarded (sorry if I offend anyone.. just my vocabulary and usual demeanor)

anyway, point is, your not alone, and I'm glad your here. ENJOY YOUR STAY!
thank you people for your latest supportive comments.

Linda, I think it'd great you advocate the cause, but how can you be in the closet about something so logical? I've said it thrice, and i'll say it again. Being in the closet about something as serious about religion is in a way detrimental to your health. be honest with people in the way religion isn't. It will only show goodness, I can almost always guarantee it.
I want to tell everyone on here I am having a problem commenting on people's shares here because of glitches.

I tried to comment on Linda's supportive message here and tried to private message her and every time I click on "Add Comment", the computer freezes or the button doesnt work.

I am trying to support people here, but I can't when this happens.

it's a real blockage to my communication here.

I tried to tell the admin's but they neve got back to me.

Gin, this sounds like a good plan to me.. leaving books around will not only generate conversation, but maybe people can understand your position on reason, and raitonality.

I come from a family of religious people, but one goes to church just because she always has, and one doesn't go at all, but still preaches about being christian. BUT. they respect my views.

I wish all families would do this.




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