Hello! My name is Ken Short and I hail from Algoma, Wisconsin USA! I am so glad to be here among friends. I'm a refugee from Yahoo!Answers, where the rough and tumble sometimes wears me down. It will be good to have a place for respite among people who think as I do. I'm a member of American Atheists organization, but their website no longer features discussions like this and interaction is what I enjoy.

It will be a pleasure to meet all of you as we go along here. thank you for having me as a member!


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Hi, my name is Stephanie, I'm from Saint Joseph, Missouri. There aren't very many atheists here. However I know quite a few, from online, and when I moved to Seattle I met a few more. All in all, figured I'd introduced myself.

Hi Stephanie, it's great to meet you. I find that there are not many atheists here in Algoma either, but my lack of faith doesn't choose my friends for me, I like all people, and to tell the truth, when I do meet and become friends with people, religion rarely comes up in conversation. An online community for this is great, because there's not much "organized" atheism out in the real world lol. Most of my atheist friends are from online as well. thank you for your warm welcome!


Welcome to Nexus,from an old timer. It's a great site to unwind among like mnded rational beings.

Hello Sentient Biped! I'm an old timer too, just not on this site!  I think I'm gonna fit in great here, it's like being on vacation. There are lots of fights about our issues on other places in the web, and I'm sometimes in the thick of that. It can sure wear you down. I like it here already! Thank you for your gracious welcome.


Greets and salutes, Ken, and welcome to Atheist Nexus.

One quick technical question: are you the egg man or the Walrus? [wry chuckle!]

Salutations Loren, I've already met you in a different forum here and you sure made me laugh! Thank you for your greeting and warm welcome.

I think I'll go with the egg man, as it's also a Pink Flamingos reference lol

Hey there Mathew, thanks for your kind reply. I'm glad to be here!

Hello Ken and welcome.

Hi John and thank you! I look forward to seeing you on the board!

Welcome, Ken.  A/N is definitely a refuge for me.  I look forward to your comments.

Thank you! Hello Lillie! I'm just starting to find my way here, still wearing my water wings. lol

Hi Ken.

Since you managed to associate the egg man with Pink Flamingos, you automatically get rewarded with a gold star from me.

Welcome. -- Carl




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