my name is Paul but my nickname is Arsoo. I'm from NYC and I'm glad to be a part of this forum. I'm currently an agnostic, but I still practice certain religious rituals because of my cultural upbringing and the fact that I live within close proximity to my parents, siblings, cousins, etc. Therefore, I am not exactly a believer in Armenian Catholic faith, but I am culturally Armenian-Catholic.

I still wrestle with particular thoughts. Some days I ask myself what it is that I actually believe. I cannot fully answer it. I think the whole question of whether a creator exists or not is difficult to answer. Either answer to that question (either a creator exists, or a creator doesn't), wouldn't really surprise me. One one hand I think that this is a complex universe, so intelligent design could definitely answer some big questions. However, another part of me thinks just because we don't know exactly how the universe began or how everything came to be, doesn't mean that X (or a creator) is the answer. At this point, we just don't know. I still sometimes fear the notion of a potential negative afterlife, so my first question will likely be regarding that. I would love to get some rational answers rather than the answers I receive in my community which aren't helping me get over this rather unrational fear. A young man shouldn't have to wake up in cold sweat from time to time because of some fear that was placed into him when he was 5 years old.

If there are any questions, ask away.

Have a nice day,


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Good to meet you!

"On one hand I think that this is a complex universe, so intelligent design could definitely answer some big questions".

And would create many MORE big questions.  "Intelligent design" doesn't actually simplify or make things any more simple.  You then have to ask the same questions about where the intelligent designer came from.  Unless you're just short-cutting the whole thought process by saying it was always there, or magically appeared one day.  *POOF*  But that's just making it easy, not making it logical.  The same questions are there for what created a god as to what created the universe.  But if something can create a god, it can create a universe.  You can quite frankly, cut the middle-man out, that middle man being god(s).  You could perhaps wonder if the universe created some sort of god(s) after the fact, and they sort of created a segment of things, but that would mean even humankind is some kind of lesser god too, creating the things we do.  But until we have evidence for those god(s), they are just a product of our imagination. 

"Another part of me thinks just because we don't know exactly how the universe began or how everything came to be, doesn't mean that X (or a creator) is the answer. At this point, we just don't know."

And that's the answer, we don't know.  There is no evidence showing any kind of god(s), and we rational thinkers and Atheists are very open to having some, there's no conspiracy to hide or suppress that.  Please show us some kind of proof and evidence, not just heresay.  God(s) of the gaps.   People have just filled in the unknown with some kind of magical figure.  Humans like to feel like know it all's.  But all we KNOW is that we DON'T know.

Greets and salutes, Arsoo, and welcome to Atheist Nexus!

I'll grant you that the argument I'm about to offer is hardly the best one as regards the existence of any form of "higher power," but consider this: since science has come to the fore and been pressed into service in helping us learn how our world works, it has tackled a variety of questions and problems and mysteries.  Some it has solved easily, some with far more difficulty, some are still in the works and there are a couple which may truly be beyond at least current technology to crack.  All that said, each time we've gained an answer, one thing may be said:

The Answer Has NEVER Been "Magic."

Every time, the answer has been something understandable, something natural, sometimes extraordinary (quantum entanglement, anyone?), but within the reach of human understanding.  To me, introducing a supernatural element such as a god to this otherwise orderly and reasonable model would represent a severe discontinuity, certainly if said being proved to be Yahweh of the old testament.  The bible's self-contradictory nature all by itself makes such a god an extremely unlikely candidate, and considering the unlearned origins of most other deities, they would have to join Adonai on the bench.

Any god that someone would posit for the genuine position of creator would have to know what modern-day physicists know and a LOT more, yet there is no such candidate for that position who even remotely qualifies, because the vast number of proposed gods were invented mostly because humankind didn't know any better.

These days at least SOME of us do ... and I can't help but notice that, because of that, any god-concept tends to take it on the chin as a result.  Far as I'm concerned, until someone can come up with definitive, hard, objective evidence to the contrary, There Are NO Gods.

Welcome Paul.

Intelligent design BTW implies there is a designer. This is god belief religion plain and simple. The truth of it is that the human mind has an order in it that wants to believe in this designer. It answers no questions to hold this belief. It throws the believer back to his scripture book source of choice. This proves nothing.

If something creating a god can create a universe then that "something" must be us because humans created god. If you believe long enough you will find that your god likes and dislikes the same things that you do.




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