My name is Chris Lamke and I'm a married father of three children and three cats. My wife and I are atheists and we are raising our children as atheists while giving them all the information and support they need to explore the entire spectrum of belief systems out there. We are also all vegetarians.

I live in Northern Virginia and work as a software engineer. My first love is philosophy, closely followed by computer science and a number of the physical and social sciences. I am a social democrat and an activist for human rights, animal welfare, environmental health, political progressivism, education, and universal health care. A member of Atheist Nexus recommended this site to me while I was working to get Obama elected late last year. I spend most of my rare free time working on my facticity.org site, but I decided to join Atheist Nexus so I could chat with other thoughtful people.

I'm looking forward to reading and occasionally contributing to the discussions here.

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Hello back at ya,
A pleasure to meet you here. My husband Gerry and I are also atheists and you can find out more about me on my facebook profile. My husband and I are pescatarians, I learned that is what you call fish eaters and human, animal, planet activists also deeply committed to universal health care. We are social democrats, but our true party doesn't exist here in America, but we do support Obama, only wish he choose Hillary for his vice president. Anyway, we currently have 2 cats and 1 dog. Our children are all grown. We live on the Jersey shore so if you ever get up this way we hope you will pay us a visit. Take care, Toni Gandel and Gerry (Gerald) Kamber
Welcome to A/N. I'm a single mom of 3 year old, sometimes-college student, liberal-leaning independent, and former cult member. I recommend you join some groups here to get the most out of the experience. There are Humanitarian groups, one for cat lovers (I think called Atheist Ailurophiles), several devoted to Science, a vegetarian group, and environmental ones as well.




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