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Hi all! I'm Bryan and I live on the Central Coast of California. It's not the most religious part of the world but it's a long way from rational. I work for a company in which most of my co-workers are deeply Christian. One of them, in fact, is largely why I have turned away from having any faith at all. I used to be unwaveringly Pagan and a this co-worker had been trying to convince me that I needed god and Jesus in my troubled life and that my amalgamation of beliefs and practices from the world's pre-Christian religions was equal to vomit. The arrogance of his position, that he felt sorry for my hell-destined soul and that the "way," as it was handed down to him, was the only way, really FUCKING PISSED ME OFF!! A few years ago, I set out on my own with no roommates, no significant other(another story) and I live alone for the first time without the influence of others' opinions or beliefs. I began to seriously question my beliefs. Over the past two years, I developed a healthy disdain for the concept of faith and the attitudes and behaviors of the faithful. I've read endless arguments for and against faith, watched videos and read even more.

It has all led me to this. I am an Atheist and it's not a religion or a belief system.

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It is definitely not a religion. Welcome, man.




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