I have had serious doubts all my life, very late in life, I have finally "come out", as it were. It was finding, and watching, Christopher Hitchens, then Dawkins, then Harris, that finally gave me the inspiration to make the final leap. It's a strange feeling, I am sure you all, already know about, but I feel free, like a load is off my shoulders. For so long that nagging doubt, "is there s celestial dictator watching me?" has colored my decisions about actions and thoughts. My only problem is that at this point I do not know a single other Atheist in my area. So I was excited to find Nexus where possibly I will find others to communicate with. I guess we all start out thinking we are the only Atheist in the world.

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Nah. I started off thinking that most people were. Since it was the truth and since people like being right, I reasoned that most people had thought about it and come to the same conclusion as me.
I'm glad you found this site. Yes, it can be very lonely when surrounded by Christians, especially if they are very vocal and intrusive. I hope you find some group or organization where you can talk about your beliefs. It can be extremely empowering to have other Atheists around!
I'm sure that now you've "come out" you'll probably find some friends share your views. I find myself aligning myself increasingly with other atheists just because, naturally, you have friendships with and find yourself drawn to people who have similar views.




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