Hello , I am 22 year old young man , I live in Afghanistan the most corrupted government , my parents are liberal and progressive , but because of the general atmosphere I became a fundamentalist muslim , but I started to think critically why are women not allowed to get educated , why is music forbidden , why do u have to starve yourself till sunset and gorge like a monster at iftar when it is claimed that u feel with the poor , why is masturbtion and pre-marital sex wrong ? Which is the right religion ? Why is dating prohibited? So I came into conclusion that God doesn't exists. It really sucks here in Afghanistan I want to run away from the taliban , the US army , and the religious extremism , I have a study visa to Germany to continue my masters degree in Physics and I hope I can become a German citizen and my home will become a secular democratic country.

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Your plan to go to Gemany sounds like a good one.    You can not save Afganistan.  You can only save yourself.  We only live once.  There is no reason to suffer life under an intolerant theocratic totalitarian regime, if you can escape.  The time to be happy is now.  The place to be happy is wherever you can. 

Greets and welcome, we're glad you found your way here.  Please know that, if you can speak freely nowhere else, You CAN Speak Freely HERE!

Please enjoy.

سلام دوستم. وقتی که من در ایران زندگی کردم، خیلی زیاد دوستانه افغان داشتم. زبان انگلیسی شما خیلی خوب است. کجا یاد گرفتید.

See you later. And I hope you enjoy it here.


سلام، برخی از سربازان آمریکایی به من آموخت انگلیسی.اما همچنین من می خواهم آنها را به سرزمین ما، آن را به ماست و طالبان به فاک

(I'm not too sure about the policy here on using a non-English language), so I'll put an English translation under my Dari/Farsi.

متشکرم برای من در زبان دری پاسخ دادید.(thanks for responding to me in Dari)

Also in Dari, if you like somebody, do you give them yogurt or send them to yogurt?

"آن را به ماست"(send them(Americans) to yogurt)

I'm obviously missing something here.



Hello, and welcome here. My viewpoint is similar to that of Sentient Biped for you. I hope everything works out well for you also.

 Hello secular Afghani,

I am an Indian. You are very welcome here. You are in good and right company here. All the sentiments you expressed are absolutely correct. I hope your dream comes true and wish you best luck. You will experience a very open world in Germany.

Don't worry about me I use a Virtual Private Network connection so no one can know.

I wouldn't want to live in Afghanistan either. I was under the impression that Germany is very restrictive of immigration. After your graduate, have you considered other possible countries as a back up plan? It's good to have options.

Thx Ruth , I will try to apply to other countries like Canada or Australia or New Zealand. I hope it will work after I graduate.

What about the Afghanistan national cricket team ? They have become more competitive and successful over the last 10 years. What do you put that down to ?

I am not really into sports.


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