Just joined atheist nexus and have no idea how to best interact with the commmunity.

As an intro:
I have been an atheist my whole life.
I have been a blogger waging a war on theist ignorance for two yrs: http://atheistcamel.blogspot.com/

I also started that post Rapture pet rescuesite some of you may have read about on the web, and which was an article in The Huntington Post: http://www.eternal-earthbound-pets.com/ http://www.eternal-earthbound-pets.com/
(SORRY, not taking any more applications for atheist pet rescuers at this time.)

And my new book "The Atheist Camel Chronicles - Debate Themes and Arguments for the Non-Believer" which was promoted on RichardDawkins.net, and throughout the web has been getting rave reviews on amazon.com: http://theatheistcamelchronicles.blogspot.com/
(signed copies available at my book site 25% off the amazon price.)

so much for the shameless self promotion...what else do we do here??

In Reason We Trust,

Dromedary Hump

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When I saw the title of your post, I was getting ready to ask "One hump or two?", but your user name gives it all away. Welcome to Atheist Nexus. You've already found the Forum, which is one way to interact with people. Another is to join groups that interest you. A third is to write in your Atheist Nexus online journal, AKA "blog". Other ways are to post pertinent videos, photos, and spend some time in the chatroom.
Thanks, Meabh. I've joined two groups thus far. I havn't chatted on line in years, but I may try that next.

and indeed...I'm one of those handsome dromedary camels, not one of those dispicable Bactrian two humped beasts. ;)

I don't discriminate. One hump or two... its all good.

However, I suspect a Bactrian would make it through a Vermont winter a lot easier than a dromedary.
you could be right there, they do adapt to the cold better. But this New Hampshire camel stays inside near the wood stove in the winter ;)

Nerd.. thanks!!!

Thanks sarah & dave,
yeah..starting to get my hooves wet ;)

While I love the camel pic, your blog's color schemes are hard on my eyes. Guess I'm not a fan of lime green, but I'll add it to my daily blog cycle anyway.
Yeah..not crazy about it either. But whenever I try to redo it, it looks even worse.

But thanks for adding me onto your blog list!


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