Good day everyone,

I'm a 60-something militant atheist fag living with my legally married same-sex husband (take that, Jeebus) in the lovely desert city of Palm Springs, California.

I escaped from my religious delusions in the middle of the last century when I was taught that touching myself down there would cause me to burn in fictionHell for all eternity. I suppose I was in my 9th year of Catholic school at the time, and had just discovered a new form of touching. 

The lights flashed, the bells rang, and it suddenly occurred to me that the Holy Roman Nation Church wanted to control my every thought and feeling for their nefarious reasons.
This started me questioning the arguments for the existence of an Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy and it was quickly obvious there was none.

Today I am sort of retired.  After a 40 year career in electronics and computers I left the corporate world four years ago and began my own private web hosting company.  I provide pro bono web hosting to a few websites that promote critical thinking and a rational approach to life, and I also operate about 125 websites of my own for various reasons.

I am the founder, owner and only person at Steve's Web Hosting, and as you've prolly guessed by now my name is Steve. 


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Hello Steve, nice to meet you!
Thanks, nice to meet you too.
Welcome Steve. Palm Springs is beautiful, I would love to be living somewhere warmer right now.
It's very nice here in the winter, but in the summer it often reaches 120°F which is quite warm.

I like it though :)




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