Hello there. My name is Lisa, and I`m a 20 year old aspiring comic artist from British Columbia, Canada.


I was never raised as very religious, although both my parents come from quote Catholic families. My mum took me to church up until I was 5 years old, but I think she was just going out of habit. She told me that she lost her faith when her own mother died, when my mum was 15. My dad is from Italy, and as a child there he went to a horrible Catholic school, where they were abused and mistreated by the monks that ran the school. Like, literally fed moldy food, and hit over the head. He HATES the Church, but I think he's still spiritual. Thus my parents never raised me as religious.


I started calling myself agnostic when I discovered the word in grade 6, but eventually got fed up with how benign it was, and adopted the term atheist in high school. I joined this site hoping to find some other like-minded people to talk to. We're not as cursed with religious fundamentalists here in Canada as some of you in America seem to be, but I don't really have have any other actual atheists to talk to. Everyone I know is either indifferent, or too stupid to have an intelligent discussion with.


I'm also incredibly shy though, so maybe that hinders my discussing-capabilities. Even on this site, I've found myself being too shy to reply to threads in the forums. I may not talk much, but I am around, and I appreciate all of your intellect. 

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Hi Lisa, welcome to Atheist Nexus.

You have found the place you were looking for, like minded people to talk openly and honestly to.


Also, as an aspiring comic artist, maybe you can add some color to our forum ;)

Do you draw and paint? Maybe you can post some of your stuff on your page for us to see :)

Thank you! And I hadn't thought of posting any of my stuff. I'm a little self-conscious about it, but thanks for the encouragement :)

Hey Lisa!

I'm Kyle, a freethinking community organizer and hobbyist cartoonist in my spare time. I am working on a comic project currently that I need help with. I figure I would search forums for 'artist' and found your post! Take a look at empiricallysingle.com, and if you're interested please send a message to coderedcartoonist at gmail dot com. In any case, it would be great to see your work!



Hi Lisa welcome I am new as well.




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