Hi all, I'm from England, I just stumbled upon this site whilst googling and thought I would come along and say hello!

I've been atheist for quite some time now. I can't recall a time when I ever really did believe in God, I just always took the stories from the Bible as that, stories..Over the past few years I have becaome a lot more passionate about my atheism and more and more anti-religion I suppose.

Anyway - hello all :)

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hi Welcome to the site :)
Hello from across the pond. Isn't it funny how one's passion for atheism grows as they become more mature and knowledgeable?
Hi Elessarina,
Welcome on board.

Yeah, I agreed atheism grows all over the world as people more knowledgeable.

Greetings from Indonesia.
Hi I live in Texas and have just joined an atheist group. Here we have a majority of hyper religious groups.
That makes it difficult to come out as an atheist. Lately I decided that even if it's not popular that I needed to be counted so that others might feel more comfortable doing so.




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