Hi to you all.

I am a long time non-theist, (atheist). I am also a member of: Freethought and Rationalism; Reason Project; Richard Dawkins net; Sam Harris org; and Talk Rational. BTW my user name is NOT Gila Guerilla AT ALL of the sites I mention.

I do a lot more reading at these sites, than I do writing. But I chip in when I feel that I have something to offer. My name Guerilla is representative of that - read a lot / quick post / read a lot.

I am a 58 year old male, with two sons, one 22 and one 20 years of age. I also have a wife. We all live together in a household of semi-organised chaos. My wife is a high school teacher and I am a retired ex-high school teacher.

I live in the land down under - South Australia - though born in the UK, and having travelled quite a bit in my younger days. I have lived in England, Germany, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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Ah whenever I see that s in organized I know it's an Englishman or Australian posting...welcome Mr. Guerilla and G'day. Are your wife and sons also atheists? I'm always interested to hear about familial interactions in regards to non-theism.
And what of us Canucks? We spell it like that as well.

Welcome Gila Guerilla to AN.
It's organised chaos here too.
I'm a Canadian trapped in an american body... :(
Sorry Johnsky...I can't believe I forgot our neighbors to the north...I live in Washington state so we truly are neighbors. Any chance B.C. will annex Washington anytime soon? Sometimes I think we'd fit in better in Canada than we do in with the rest of the US.
Let's start a movement. I will move to Washington to support it! ~.o
Ha ha I remember that book! I'll admit it made plenty of sense to me back then and it still does.

That reminds me of a funny story about my dad. He's a native Californian and decided in about 1974 or 75 to drive up to see me in Washington state, where I had moved with my mother years before. He wasn't sure how far it was to Seattle, but he'd driven to San Francisco before and figured Seattle couldn't be much further than that. So he brought enough gas money to get to San Francisco and back. His wife had to wire him more money around Eugene!
My wife and sons are non-religious, but I'd say that they're not atheist as such. My wife's family, (parents and siblings), are mostly Christians. My family is non-theist. My sons think that the Bible seems like a crock.
Hi, and Welcome!
Thanks to all who've welcomed me.
I chose the name Gila Guerilla because it sounds like Magilla Gorilla, but I wanted to use the term guerilla, not gorilla. As your cartoon shows, Magilla Gorilla is a bit silly whereas:-

Dr. Ward’s Prescription

Dr. Ward, of Phoenix, an old practitioner in the valley, says: “I have never been called to attend a case of Gila Monster bite, and I don’t want to be. I think a man who is fool enough to get bitten by a Gila Monster ought to die. The creature is so sluggish and slow of movement that the victim of its bite is compelled to help largely in order to get bitten.”
—Arizona Graphic
September 23, 1899.

In other words fear me not, I'm too slow to do any damage to anyone, ie. a bit silly too !!!


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