Hey everyone. This is my 2nd time leaving Christianity. I’ve tried very hard to believe it all, but at some point I have to follow what I actually believe to be the truth. Just started sagans book, demon haunted world

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Welcome. I was impressed greatly by Demon Haunted World.

As for leaving Christianity, I also left more than once. The first time leaving I thought I had a "greater truth" but to them I was just a backslider. I fought with that idea for a while until one day I realized there is no proof for the existence of a god. Only then did I have the greatest freedom ever. Only then did my eyes open and I really did see.

Greetings and welcome to Atheist/Nexus from Illinois as well.  I hope you enjoy all that this site has to offer.

I've read Demon Haunted World and it's a fantastic book!  

Welcome Rob, if you open your mind you will be amazed at what the world holds

Welcome!  It is very difficult to accept what we wanted to be is not. It is not a bad thing that this is your second time turning away from Christianity. It is a sign that you are open minded and given serious consideration to the question of God's existence.  There are very good people here many of whom have likely had experiences similar to yours. If you have questions or simply need to vent this is the right place to be.

Welcome.  Many of us here were Christians, some for a short time; others, like me, for decades.

Those from an evangelical, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness or similar faiths may have had trouble leaving the church.  I was from a moderate Protestant -- Methodist -- background, so didn't feel oppressed.

Reading the bible and thinking about religion started many of us on the road to rejection.

Feel free to express yourself here.  Tell us your story, or not, as you prefer.  Ask us about whatever may be bothering you.

We'll be honest with you, and if you have problems we'll help if we can.

Again, welcome.

Thanks everyone,glad to be here.




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