My nams is Shiran, I'm 18 y.o and I live- as you already sow- in Israel, home of the Jewish nation.

I discovered the atheism when I was 15 y.o accidentaly. I was searching for something in google (don't remember what) and I came out with a Jewish atheist website- and I started to read.

Though I am a non-believer, I am a Jewish by my ethnicity. 


I guess I should tell about my self things like hobbies and stuff....well, I like to read books, and a lot of them. And I LOVE Latin America, and someday (after my military service) I will be doing a long-term backpacking trip all around South and Central America (so, if there are any people here living in Latin America I'll be more then glad to talk to him/her:)) 


well, that's all guysXD

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Welcome Shiran! There are quite a few people on Nexus who are from South and Central America, and at least a few groups. I see you found the Jewish Atheist group. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
Continuo com dificuldade de encontrar pessoas ou grupos de ateus brasileiros .
gostaria também de conhecer e participar de encontros.


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