Hello everyone,

My name is Mark and I live in Nashville, TN. I just joined Atheist Nexus today, although I have known about it for a year or two from all of the freethought podcasts that I subscribe to.

I got married on 11/7 and just got back from a great Caribbean honeymoon. My wife is also atheist. We attend the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Nashville, and while I am neither a Unitarian or a Universalist, it is a great community with lots of like-minded and highly intelligent people. We also occasionally attend events hosted by the Nashville chapter of Americans United.

I am looking forward to meeting people, especially fellow Middle Tennesseans, because as most people know, this area can be very lonely for atheists at times!

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Welcome to the site, Mark. Congratulations on your wedding! Was the ceremony held at the UU site?

What island(s) did you visit in the Caribbean?
Thanks! Our minister performed it but it was at a state park about 45 minutes outside of town. We chose vows and readings that fit in with a non-theistic ceremony, and she performed the ceremony really well, tying everything together nicely with the humanist and naturalist motif.

In the Caribbean, we went to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize and Isla Roatan. The weather was great 95% of the time, just a little rain on a couple of the bus rides to the shore excursion destinations. So, it went very well; we had worried about bad weather since we set sail on the tail end of the hurricane (Ida, I think it was called).
Sounds like a nice mix of places to visit. I'll admit to being envious...need some time in the tropics...I'm due.
Yep... I would definitely recommend visiting the Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha in Belize, if you are interested in that sort of thing. Otherwise, Belize has the 2nd largest coral reef in the world (the ship had to anchor something like ten miles from shore). The Mayan Ruins at Tulum in Cozumel (well, they are on the shore of the mainland) were ok, but you can't climb any of the temples there, so it is not as fun. In Cayman, the sting ray excursion was a lot of fun. As far as Roatan, all we did was lounge on the beach, so I can't advise much about excursions there.
Nashville eh? Country capitol as it's called, I rebuke that fact.... but another time. I'm from Kingston myself. The one that was capitol for a day because they were afraid of them (don't remember who) attacking.

Congratulations on your marriage from myself all well Mark.

As for the lonely part... I can relate from over here. My school is around 90% dead blood Christian. From Baptist to Church of God. I wear shirts (obviously home made) saying things as simple as Atheist. On my recent Birthday (Nov. 16) I wore one that said:

We are good. (Pun from the Bible, what's in the brackets was not on the shirt.)
Would you wish one a "happy" Birthday.

This was enlightening because my little was of getting people used to me this was has some Christan friend truly accepting me at this point. I never argue when someone tries, just express my point and move on.

But now I've babbled, sorry. One thing I'd like to know (Because I've been contemplating going for deals) is are there cheep guitars there from aspiring players that never pulled through? Because I play myself and was thinking I'd get a nice guitar from a rich boy that fell through pretty cheep.

Welcome and glad to meet you.
Hey Stevie,

Glad to meet you too. Sorry, don't have any advice on guitars. Only thing I ever played was trombone for a couple years in middle school. I don't follow the Nashville music scene hardly at all. I'm an electronic music fan, which up until this year was not good for a Nashvillian because the big names never came closer than Atlanta or Chicago. But somehow, this year, we've had several great shows.


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