Hi, I read the Friendly Atheist blog and saw a comment that mentioned this community and thought I should come over because I often enjoy the posts and comments on that site.

Although I consider myself a non-theist I DO have some parts of myself that do stray into 'magical thinking' although other parts of me can do the strict science mentality. I think it is important to remember that we have not figured out everything so having some skepticism in some areas of science (such as healthcare) it is healthy because every other day another study comes out. If we had figured out everything we wouldn't need scientists anymore. 


I am a big Star Trek fan. Husband was raised Catholic but is not practicing and I don't think he belives in god either but it is hard to tell because I think he associates God with guilt and who wants to go there?


Hello all you Atheists!

(yes I know I can't spell, sorry)





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Hello From Western Maryland!

At least you're in Fredrick, I'm stuck here in Cumberland. No support here. I used to go to the meetings of FRESH (Fredrick Area Secular Humanists). I can no longer justify the time and cost of attending the monthly meetings. If you have not checked them out yet you might give 'em a look.

I used to attend Atheist United in L.A. I miss my support group.

Thanks everyone!




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