Just saying hello (new member). I am of the opinion that I was born an atheist (like everyone) and that after a short period where my mother drug me to church services, I returned to atheism in fifth grade. After being sent to the principal's office for omitting the word "god" from the pledge of allegiance, I decided that keeping (what I believed to be) my unique opinion to myself was a good idea. I held this opinion until the first time I saw Penn & Teller on Bullshit and then later heard Penn's Free FM radio show. Penn was the first atheist I had ever heard of other than me (turns out I did know a few, they were just keeping quiet also).  I am married with a soon to be eleven year old son, who shares my skepticism and lack of belief (he has been encouraged to think for himself).  I hope to meet some new people on Atheist Nexus and participate in discussion as often as I can.  Cheers!!

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