Hello all, I'm a married 51 year old father of 2 boys and a girl, ages 18,16 & 12 from the suburbs of New York City.  I spent 12 years in Catholic School and studied some religion and philosophy in college.  I was an in-name-only catholic by the time I was in my second year of college although, over the years, I've made some short lived attempts to return to the church.  At this point I'd consider myself agnostic with a possibly slight leaning toward deism that just may be the residual of my religious education.  It's been a very gradual road for me that ultimately came down to a lack of evidence coupled with strong evidence that religious beliefs have their roots in ancient myths.  My grandparents were very religious, my parents a little less so.  My wife's family is more religious but in a strange way, the vibe I get is that they are following Catholicism solely because they always have.  They are all very intelligent people, her aunt is a nun, but I don't get that feeling of deep commitment from any of them.  I think it's just their tradition.

   I generally keep my views to myself, except for my wife, a couple close friends and my 16 year old son.  My 18 year old is mentally handicapped and doesn't understand the complex arguments.  I'm looking forward to some discussions with like minded people.


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Greets, Mike, and welcome to Atheist Nexus.  Come on in, make yourself at home, and feel free to express yourself here.

Welcome Mike glad you joined us.

Hey, Mike.  Welcome!  Thanks for the introduction.  Glad you're here.  --Carl

just curious, how did you come to find this site/community?  also curious why you chose an Atheist site if you consider yourself Agnostic.  not that Agnosticism isn't welcome here - it is.  we're a big tent kind of community where all forms of non-belief in supernatural beings are encouraged.    welcome aboard, we're glad to have you.

I work from home and have recently been listening to some Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens videos while working.  I'll take a break and google something that was mentioned and somehow I ended up here. As far as choosing to participate in an Atheist site goes, I consider my beliefs as a work in progress.  I've spent most of my life hearing religious teachings and I realized that, up until the last few years, I never gave the other extreme a careful listen.  I've spent the past day reading through a lot of the posts on this forum and I'm really enjoying reading so many intelligent thoughts.  I have lost respect for religion and religious zealots, but at the same time I know many intelligent people (most people I know, I'd guess) who follow a religion and I'm suspicious that they continue for the simple fact that they've always done it.  I find it interesting when a conversation ends up on religious belief many people become very uncomfortable, I suspect because ever they don't know why they continue doing it. Even in a state as liberal as New York I still feel a danger in "coming out" even as an agnostic.  But the situation is improving.  Who would've thought, even 5 years ago, that there'd be gay marriage today.

terrific to hear Mike.  i can imagine a journey like this has not been easy for you.  i'll tell you this - it's an exciting time to be a non-believer.  not only do we have momentum, but the information available for someone like you is amazing.  enjoy your evolution.  you've taken a powerful step to join a site like this.  i think you'll learn a lot and meet some incredible people.  i'm so glad i came here, and i'm happy we have a eager new member to help along. 

Thanks for the welcomes.  Truthfully this journey hasn't been very difficult, its been a lot of analysis of information and I love to ponder things.  Thanks to people like Dawkins it's also been tremendously entertaining as well.  A few days ago I rewatched the interview he did with Wendy Wright - now that's entertainment!!  Hilarious and yet alarming that there are people so blinded "faith".  dare I say...it's sinful ;-)

Mike, play it as you see fit.  The whole issue of coming out, of how to identify yourself and the business of processing what you believe or not has been wrestled with here and elsewhere considerably.  If I were to dare to assert a consensus on Atheist Nexus at least, I'd say it would be that anything having to do with your stance on religion is a PERSONAL one, and as such deserved to be dealt with by you and no one else.

Welcome, Mike!  Glad to see you hear. Was just up in your neck of the woods last week. Adirondacks, VT, NH, ME and MA for an autumn vacation.  Beautiful country up there. Hope to see you around here.

Thanks Pat, I live in the lower part of NY, I should be ashamed to admit this, but I've never been to the Adirondack region and I've lived in NY my entire life.

I live in Ithaca NY.  I actually see an allergist in Manhattan.




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