My Wife and I are doing everything we can to make sure that the whole "religion" and "god" myth stay out of our child's life. It was hard enough for us (Wife and myself) to grow up surrounded by such nonsense. Jenn was raised in a catholic family. I am originally from Southern Indiana (the dirty buckle of the bible belt).

Right down the street, there is a catholic church. I really don't care if other people want to waste their time, money and mind, hoping that there is something more to experience after we die. I worry, however, about these poor, deluded individuals approaching my son- whether it be in school or at a friend's house (mind you, he's only 18 months old at the time of this post, so his friends are currently limited to his stuffed puppy, a sock monkey and several versions of Elmo. I'm referring to his future).

How do other nontheists handle this?

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Wow! Thank you all for responding to this thread. I really appreciate all of your input, tremendously.

As new parents, my wife and I are constantly nervous as to whether we're doing the right thing. I am so happy that you people haven't told us what to do, but rather, enlightened us to your experiences. I believe that is more help than anything else.

Thank you all, very much.

I hope to see more responses from others, as well.
Hi PV, you might want to check out Dale McGowan's website and "Parenting Beyond Belief" books.

If you haven't, already, you should also join the Parenting Little Heathens group on here for great support and advice from other atheist parents.

A recent blog from Aussie (and a personal friend of mine), Victoria's View, might also prepare you for what might lie in your future and how to handle it.
I have now joined the Parenting Little Heathens group. Thank you for pointing that out. :)

I've yet to check out the Parenting Beyond Belief website, but certainly intend to once I have a bit more time to myself.

Again- thank you all for replying to my post.




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