Hello to all.  New member here from the Southern California area.  After some web searching I found this site.  It looks to be what I need, which is “ammunition” to fire back at the religious wing-nuts that will come my way in the future, just as they’ve done in the past, only this time I’ll be prepared.  Just a little background about me.  I’ll be 65 this year so will be transitioning into the “autumn” years of my life.  Not a problem or big deal, it just is.  I was raised in the christian type of religion, catholic at first and ending with the episcopalian (sp?) wing.  My folks weren’t super religious but they did go to church every Sunday and when I was younger I was shuffled off to the Sunday school classes for the second half of the Sunday services.  I don’t remember much about what they tried to teach me, which is a good thing, but I do remember really hating to go to church.  As I got older, got a job and living my life, I didn’t go to church.  I didn’t consider myself an atheist mainly because of the “what if” scenario that religious folks use. I now know better.  My folks, both in their 90s, still go to the chapel in their assisted living complex and watch the Christmas Mass from the Vatican on TV.  I’d say that I became a firm atheist in 2015 after experiencing some moderate health issues.  Some of the people I work with are of the “reborn” group so they offered to “pray for my healing and well-being”.  I sent out my personal ultimatum to this god at this time and got zilch in return.  The doctors and meds did their work and I was back to “normal”, whatever that is, in short order.  The religious hocus-pocus was/is pure B.S.  So, here I am, an old fart free of the god burden and looking forward to new experiences in life.  Thx for ready, TJ.       

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Hey, Thom!  I wouldn't worry about any "autumn year" business.  We have our share of older members here (yours truly included - 66!), and I can guarantee you, we got spit and vinegar to spare!  As for ammunition, same notation, never mind referring to the heavyweights of the atheist movement, from Hitchens and Dawkins and Dennett and Harris to Aron Ra, Matt Dillahunty, Brian Dalton and Seth Andrews.

We also have fun with any number of avocations, hobbies, and other side interests, a goodly number of which will turn up over at Ruth's group, Hang With Friends.  You might poke around there when you have a moment.  It is one among several hundred groups representing more specific interests here on Atheist Nexus.  Also, if you're interested in embellishing your posts and comments with links, pix or video and don't know how to, you can check out my group, How To Do It, for tips and tricks along those lines.

In any case, we're glad you fell in, Thom, and we hope you have a great time.  Welcome to Atheist Nexus!

Welcome, Thom. Good to have you with us. Another happily retired Catholic here. My apostasy happened long about 6th grade or so, when I realized that my dad's parents called other religions "non-Catholics," but my mom's parents didn't call other religions "non-Methodists." That raised suspicion that there was bullshit afoot, and that suspicion has been undergoing constant confirmation ever since. I think you'll enjoy our group.

Welcome, from the central valley. Nice to meet you!

Welcome, Thom, from an old (86 yrs) old fart to a young old fart.

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To polite xians I say, "But for 12 years in RC schools I could still believe a god exists." To impolite xians I say, "You fell for humankind's biggest fraud."




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