Hello there, my name's Alexis.
     I've been rather atheistic all of my life, embracing it more and more everyday as I aged.
     I'd assume like most, science laid down the cement for me. I consider myself a level 6 on Dawkins' scale.

Some random things about me:
  • I pour my "heart" and "soul" into my website, Confessions of Someone Almost 18. Yes, I am seventeen.
  • Science is my love affair, especially social sciences.
  • I graduated early, and will start college this fall pursuing sociology. My goal is a PhD from Oxford.
  • I'm a huge Marilyn Manson fan. I enjoy personally delving deeply into the real meaning of his work, and discussing it with others mainly on Babalon. (The official Manson forums.)
  • Richard Dawkins is my favorite author. I also enjoy work by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Nabokov, Augusten Burroughs (Sellevision, specifically), & Lewis Carroll. However, I hate reading.
  • And of course, I am an atheist. Duh. :)

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus! Hope you enjoy yourself here.
Hello! Welcome to Atheist Nexus! I'm sure everyone here is very happy that you're here, and I hope you enjoy your stay ^.^
I think I'm also a level 6 on Dawkin's scale. =P




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