I have identified as atheist for over a decade, since I was 18. I am currently living in Sweden most of the year but am born and raised in Southern California. I am normally in CA when I visit the states. My education background is in Marketing and Geology.

I am president of Republican Atheists which launched in February 2017.

Feel free to message me if you have questions :)

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Greets and salutes, Lauren, we're glad you joined us!


Just curious as to why you are with the bad guys. Are you fiscally conservative but socially liberal?

As a disclaimer i gotta say super liberals make me sick also. It is hard not to hate em all.

and think well enough to distinguish between think and thinks

I became tired with sitting on the sidelines watching hoodlums block freeways, destroy private property and shut down events they didn't agree with.

Hoodlums block freeways?

Where does that happen?

Howdy and welcome here. I have degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science and also minored in Geography. I also have a great admiration of the Scandinavian area!

Welcome, and glad that you joined us. It's hard for me to imagine a Republican atheist although I have been all over the political spectrum myself personally. We live in times where we could certainly use a good Republican who was also atheist. The best of everything to you.

My Demo dad's and Repub mom's political ideology (1930-1970) was "If you don't vote, don't complain."

In computer software I was a migratory worker. Wherever I was, when one party always won in November, I registered with it so I could vote in its primaries. With both parties corrupted by money, most of my activity is with anti-corruption and church-state separation organizations.

Some politicians are not corrupted but government of, by and for the people is possible only in the 18 states that have the direct initiative and referendum. In the states without the DI & R, people are their politicians' victims.

BTW, sociopaths are effective sales people and some politicians sell their services to the highest bidders.
Hey, Tom, would you kindly post a list of the 18 states you refer to above? Thanks.

Direct initiative rights: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan (const. amend. only), Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada (const. amend. only), North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah & Washington City D.C.

Versions of indirect initiative:
Maine. Indirect only.
Massachusetts. Indirect only.
Michigan. Statutes are indirect but constitutional amendments are direct.
Nevada. Statutes indirect; const. amend. direct and require a majority vote in two successive elections.
Ohio. Indirect only.
Utah. Direct and indirect initiated state statutes.
Washington. Direct and indirect initiated state statutes.
Wyoming. The legislature may adopt initiated measures but need not consider them at all.

Info from www.ballotpedia.org in late 2016.




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