Hi all.

I just joined. (Obviously)

I am a lifelong atheist. I recently abandoned another "atheist" forum that I felt was more accommodating of theist trolls than atheists. I needed a safe haven and a guy I call Bob, pointed out this place.

A little about me.

Currently into year four, fighting a deadly cancer. 250+ chemotherapy doses,  18 months in hospital (mostly in isolation),19 months on a mind altering experimental drug, I'm a bit fragile, to be honest.

Early 50's, male, former musician, now retired due to health.

Interests include music, literature, history, people, I should say interesting people. I'm happy to have spent a lifetime in the entertainment world where such people exist.

I am a free thinker. I have no issues with anybody's lifestyle. I only care when it affects me.

You may call me Banjo, Dale, or any swear word you so desire.

Nice to meet you. Banjo.

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Thanks Gwen. :)

I also joined an Aussie forum. I'd been limiting myself. :D

There's a whole world of atheists out there. :D

Hey, Banjo! ...welcome......and I like yer shirt......live and let live....


I have a bunch of atheist T shirts. One of my favourites says "I'm going to Hell in every religion." :)


(the one that says I"m going to hell in every religion)

This one?

I got mine online. The store ripped me off so I don't wish to give them publicity. Try Amazon or Ebay.


Good luck! 

Welcome, and sorry about your health situation.

I've found this a good place for posting questions, answers, and comments on many topics.  (For a while I thought Quora was about as good, but the trolls have flocked in from the right.)  We'll listen, and often comment.

Do you care to say what sort of entertainment?  Some of us are almost certain to have similar interests.

Entertainment and free mind seem to go together, unless it's country music.

Again, happy to have you.

hey banjo, I came over to see what is all about. Good to see you doing well :)


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