Hi all.

I just joined. (Obviously)

I am a lifelong atheist. I recently abandoned another "atheist" forum that I felt was more accommodating of theist trolls than atheists. I needed a safe haven and a guy I call Bob, pointed out this place.

A little about me.

Currently into year four, fighting a deadly cancer. 250+ chemotherapy doses,  18 months in hospital (mostly in isolation),19 months on a mind altering experimental drug, I'm a bit fragile, to be honest.

Early 50's, male, former musician, now retired due to health.

Interests include music, literature, history, people, I should say interesting people. I'm happy to have spent a lifetime in the entertainment world where such people exist.

I am a free thinker. I have no issues with anybody's lifestyle. I only care when it affects me.

You may call me Banjo, Dale, or any swear word you so desire.

Nice to meet you. Banjo.

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Hi hi Banjo!


Glad to have you here my friend :) if you ever need anything you know how to reach me!

(PS Lets play a game together sometime!)

Hey...... I recommended this place toooooo. AND before bob :p you can check, the record is there :)

Bob, BenGee, you atheists are all the same. ;)

Thanks so much.

Having yourself and Bob join TTA was a boon, to be sure. :)

HAHA thank you, you can blame Bob for dragging my silly ass over to TTA

So it was Bob after all??? 

It's a very different vibe than "the other place".  Good to see you.



Great to see you. Mate, I've missed you.

Hopefully here I can relax and the admin's have my back if slandered by xian trolls. As soon as I learned of how "the other place" operated, I knew I'd go. So disappeared. Then of course speculation regarding my absence began and I reported back. 

As you can see, it did not last. I think I had begun to hold it in contempt. And there is no return from contempt.

I've also Joined an Aussie atheist forum. :)

Banjo, welcome to Atheist Nexus. I hope you find the interesting people you seek. Your fight against cancer was certainly a long one and it must have been exhausting. 

I had cancer surgery, chemo, and radiation four years ago. My cancer was diagnosed four years ago today! Hey! A celebration today! I didn[t have the challenges you had. My care was excellent and all the people so kind and fun. I had the bald head, and fatigue that is part of the protocol. 

I hope you are doing well now. Is your energy level where you want it? 

We have a cancer support group here, started by Daniel W.    Cancer  Daniel and I had cancer diagnosed that late winter and we were able to share our experiences and resources. The Atheists were very supportive as we had our bad and good days. 

Hi Joan.

As you can see I was able to figure out how to fix my nom de plume. :)

Sorry to hear you too had cancer. Glad you have made it this far.

The hair? Ha, mine all fell out in one day. At the time I was in isolation on a colorectal ward. The nurses weren't used to their patients suddenly going bald. Their reaction was quite funny. In fact I found the entire process amusing.

All up I have learned I had 256 chemo treatments. The experimental drug, which saved my life, as a 24/7 infusion that went into my chest to 1 cm from my heart. I was on this drug for 19 months. 7 months longer, I gather, than any other human alive.

As a result my mind has been severely damaged. In fact I recently heard a professor tell me; "Chemo doesn't actually affect the brain. However, the chemo you were on does."

Classic. I had so much chemo I can never have any more. One more dose would kill me.

I also had 34 lumbar puncture doses of chemo, and now I believe over 50 bone marrow biopsies. I lost count around 47 or so.

My first stay in hospital lasted 12 months. Mostly in isolation and also some time in ICU.

I am of the belief my atheism and interest in science helped keep me alive. I watched a number of theists give up and fall into the arms of Jesus. It was very sad. I recall pleading with one patient, less ill than I, to hang on and fight.

He died 3 days later.

There exists a massive thread over at TTA detailing the events after my first release from hospital. I think it has something like 35K views.

I won't bore you all with the details. I am lucky to be alive. I do struggle with my brain. Oftentimes I get confused. When you see this happen here, simply ignore it. I usually return to normal after a few hours of the following day.

As I said in the OP, I am a lifelong atheist. I am unable to offer advice to people coming out, or deconversions etc. I simply don't understand and will not speak on any subject of which I am ignorant.

Point of pride for me.

As an Australian who grew up working in the Australian Outback, I tend to be very straightforward and speak my mind. I am NOT an American and do not give American etiquette credence at all. As far as I am concerned it is derived from xianity and authority. 2 things most Aussies reject out of hand.

If I say something stupid and someone wants to tell me so, I fully encourage it. I am prepared to be incorrect. My pride is meaningless.

Thanks for the warm greetings. :)

I had a hair shaving celebration and invited family and friends. One asked me if I really wanted to shave my head. I reached up, drew my hands through my hair and came out with gobs. We all laughed and got to the job of shaving.  

While shopping, people would come gently to me and ask if I were "in treatment" and I responded positively. Each one said, "I lost all my hair too and that ten years ago!" Many of them gave me hugs. Some small children were curious, and others looked afraid. I invited them to rub my head, and some did, others didn't. I always left the encounter with children with all of us laughing. Now that I have hair again, I don't receive those gentle, sweet times. 

I envy you, having a heritage in Australia of English prisoners; America had Puritans and that history haunts us yet. One of my grandmothers came from the Puritan stock, and a Puritan father raised me. My father was strict with me but a brute with my Mom. 

There are some things I like about the discipline of a Puritan heritage, the orderliness; the staying on task, the careful planning of whatever needs to be done, and the perseverance training. 

I like the thought of corresponding with you and knowing you will be honest with me and not put on a mask to protect your ego. I like words that have meaning. Spanking children or hitting wives to make them behave is assault. The family tradition is that it is discipline. As long as the naming hangs around the assaults will continue. Name it "assault," the behaviors end. 

I was only bald in hospital and later at home. I remain mostly immobile. Strength is returning.

Oh and my face scares children away. So I never had those tender moments. :)

Hello and welcome

Hope everything is treating you well over there.


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