Hello everyone.  I am the only true atheist I know in real life, and I'm stuck here in Utah where if you aren't Mormon, you aren't anyone.  I'm rather tired of being afraid to let people know what I think, so I have been using the internet as a place to release my inner atheist.

I have a blog, http://godlessons.com and I've been writing on it for several months now.  I first found it fun, but now I find it necessary since it seems that even in the atheist community there are some ideas that just aren't popular, and I happen to hold several of them.  I guess the idea is to get in touch with other people that don't necessarily share the same ideas as I do, but at least like to hear other points of view and discuss them.

Anyway, I hope to meet people that are of similar mind as I am, which I assume this site is all about.

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lol. I'm not interested in partying or being violated by men hiding in my dorm, although I won't be in one, thankfully. My parents have a place down there. I'm going because it's cheap. And then I want to transfer.
Wow, you got the totally wrong idea about what I was saying there. lol
I'm good at that. :D
No worries. If I found molesting the coeds the thing to do still, I would still be doing it. People going to college this year were just born when I graduated high school. It rather seems like child molestation to me.

Anyway, that's the problem with writing. Often some of the message gets lost when you can't hear inflection or see facial expression.
I'm also an atheist in Momo-land. But I live in Salt Lake, so its a little more bearable than the rest of the state at least :)
I don't think anyone here will flame you for your political opinions as long as your reasoning is better than "because God says so!!"
"I don't think anyone here will flame you for your political opinions as long as your reasoning is better than 'because God says so!!'"

Meanwhile, I'M in trouble. ;)
Yeah, the more of a group of people there are in an area, the less people are likely to care. Bigger cities are more diverse as a rule, so they don't tend to get all worried about things as much. Here though, it's like you're a freak show if you let on you don't believe.

There are some that are cool about it, but more aren't than are, so I just mostly keep quiet.
Welcome from Toronto! and welcome to the best site you'll ever know :) and it's not just cause of moi X)




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