Hi there,
My name is Alexis and I live in the Antelope Valley just North of Los Angeles. This is a very conservative, bible thumping community with a huge fundamental (earth is 6000 years old, women wear long dresses, evolution is a hoax, 9/11 was brought on by the gays) "megachurch" that we used to be members of. Their soul-winners hit our neighborhood at least once a week and the Mayor is a member of the megachurch and proseletyzes during city council meetings and had "In God we Trust" in huge letters installed on the chamber walls.
As born-again non-believers, my husband and I feel alone and almost afraid here; like Capt. Kirk (him) and Mr. Spock (me) amongst thousands and thousands of ignorant, angry Klingons. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.....
Would love to connect with some like-minded people.

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Welcome Alexis to an oasis of reason in your desert valley of insanity! (Excuse my over-metaphor-ing.) Explore and enjoy A/N and stay safe! You'll see you and your husband share a similar situation with many bible-belt members. I'm fortunate I grew up and live in a liberal, semi-godless state like MA. Wish we could "beam" you out of there.
Hello, Dave,
Funny you ask to be excused for over-metaphor-ing, when it was really your use of dashes that was inexcusable..... : )

I still like living in Southern California; we are in an affordable area and everything fun to do here is less than two hours away. We ride dirt bikes and there are lots of places to do it here. There is (are?) just a preponderance of dumbasses here and we have resolved to tread carefully among them, hoping all the while that we may lead some of them into the light someday by our example.
Those are hyphens. Dashes are the longer ones. MS Word has 'em... and "en". "em dash" and "en dash" are under special characters.

Yes it was pedantic. And worthwhile. The More You Know.
Welcome, you've come to the right place, you'll find solace here. Consider also that you just MAY be perfectly situated to contact a lot of believers who are susceptible to haveing a seed of doubt planted in their minds. (http://www.csicop.org/si/show/planting_a_seed_of_doubt/) Let me tell you what I'm doing. Everywhere I go I carry with me a little stack of cards that I make up on my computer using business card stock. On one side there's a pro-rationalist (anti-religious) message and on the other side there's a web address for The Jesus Puzzle (www.jesuspuzzle.com). I find the pro-rationalist messages on the American Atheist website. These little cards get left EVERYWHERE!! Many of them get stuck in the cracks of telephone posts when I'm walking my dog. There's always one left on the toilet paper dispenser when I use a public restroom. When buying a newspaper from a streetside newspaper vending machine one gets dropped onto the top of the next paper in in the stack. There are literly HUNDREDS of places where these little subversive cards can be left!! I'd think that amongst the many members of that huge congregation there'd just about have to be some small percentage who'se minds are fertile ground for a seed of doubt. You are in a good position to make a difference. Please give that some thought. It sure beats remaining powerless, and on top of that its FUN to be subversive!!
This is an intriguing idea; I'll give it some thought!
Hello Tim;
We may not agree on detail, but I did state "ignorant, angry Klingons", and the ignorant angry ones probably didn't become allies of the Federation, being ignorant and angry, plus having to live in the Antelope Valley and all......
Soul winners are usually female and they (clearly) like cookies.
I read the same article you did, and our local megachurch, Lancaster Baptist, isn't in it. Their organization IS fascinating. The pastor is very charismatic and a great preacher. There are thousands of members, and you can tell them on sight by the white shirts and ties on the men and the ankle-length dresses on the women and girls. They have a huge complex on the east side of town, with two auditoriums and a school that provides an "education" for preschoolers through college, but they are not accredited and proud of it.
The girls in the college are taught to be teachers, secretaries, missionaries, musicians or, the holy grail; to be a pastor's wife. You can bet they are not taught biology or science of any kind. There are sports for the boys, but not for the girls (as far as I can recollect). Women smile and nod their heads during the services, but they are silent, while the men shout "amen" whenever the mood strikes them, which is often. Real friendly people, I liked lots of them when I was a member. But I never truly believed the supernatural stuff, and the gay bashing finally chased me away for good.
So thanks for the reply; be seeing you around!
No, Duane. That's a mouthful!
I've never really thought of southern Cali as being a hotspot for fundies, but I guess they like to pop up everywhere....like weeds, they are. Although, that is the place where Rick Warren and his purpose-driven Saddlebackers are entrenched. Good for you for keeping your brain in order among all the weirdness. And welcome to the community, I hope you find some friends here!
Greetings from the Northern CA Bible belt.
Same thing up here. Lots of Mormons and Baptists.
Right. Even here in Chico CA. The "bible-belt" runs right up the center of the State. Only the SF Bay Area, LA area, and a few other coastal communities managed to escape insanity. Most of the rest of the country see California as if it were just SF and LA. Unfortunately, when you get away from those cities you're in red-neck territory. The majority in my county (Butte) voted for GW Bush both times! Lucky that voters in SF and LA carried the State.

Although, I must still acknowledge that places like Kentucky and Arkansas have an even higher percentage of fundamentalists than rural California.




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