Hi,my family and I are new to Atheism ( four months ) After life long believing it was a hard transition. I can say that once the overwhelming feeling off loss and sadness subsided I started to see life in a whole new light. Life is great! I am making the most out of everyday. So far we have not met many people in our area that share our views. That fact might lead to a move in the next few years,I really like Portland OR and could see moving there!  Love and Peace. Zen.

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So nice to have you here Zen! I hope you are enjoying the site.

Thanks Steph! I really am. Everyone has been very welcoming :)

Welcome to the world of freethought! :)

Thank you! It is a great world to think in.

You might want to give Real Talk for New Atheists a look.


Thank you Ruth! I will definitely check out Real Talk:)

Greetings from Salem, Oregon.

I'm a member of CFI - Salem Humanists. Portland is a wonderful town and CFI of Portland would be a great group for you to look into for like minded people. Enjoy your new found freedom.

Living the godless life


Thank you Lance! I am have driven through Salem on occasion,freedom is a wonderful thing :)

Hey, don't hear from many fellow Spokanites in places like this! I'm moving back to Spokane soon and I'm glad to hear its heathen population has grown!

Mastercliff. I am actually about three hours from Spokane,however the town I live in is apparently to small to register,the default was Spokane. I did live in the Spokane area for 11 years! We moved to the Tri-cities area almost eight years ago. I'm sure you will have good luck finding a group in Spokane :) Thank you for the welcome!


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