Hi! My name's Gabriel and I just joined the Atheist Nexus and I just wanted to say hi and kind of introduce myself.

I didn't actually start calling myself an atheist until the 10th grade when I threw caution to the wind and decided to stop giving in to the fear of eternal damnation (from what I've heard, Hell is actually a pretty nice place once you get used to it). But even before then I was never really religious. Even in elementary school I had already started to doubt what I had been told. At first it was simple things (like how could we look like God when we all look like our parents and they look like their parents and so on and so on all the way back when we were just monkeys and even farther back when we were bacteria), but then it went on to more serious thoughts about religion and the plausibility/possibility of there being a god, an afterlife, angels, demons, etc. I mean come on, how reliable is a source that credits itself as a reliability check? It'd be like asking a potential employee if he was a hard worker! It just doesn't make sense.

That's only why I'm not religious though. I don't believe in any of that because, quite frankly, there's no proof for it. You wouldn't believe that the moon was made out of cheese before someone made macaroni and moon cheese, would you? I think not!

Anyway, rambling aside, I'm a pretty chill guy and if you're not a self-righteous, bigoted asshole (here's looking to you, Phelps (Fred, not Michael)), we should be able to get along (unless you're French Canadian (just kidding)).

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus Gabriel.
Yeah Welcome Gabriel, I think I forgot the introduction bit when I joined. Never mind. I'm Chris from Manchester UK. Cya around,

Chris P.




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