Iam a born muslim.I was an atheist since i was 16 or so.Its not like before 16 i was a strict Muslim.I dont know ? was going on that time.I stopped praying after that.Its not like, i prayed a lot before.I prayed,but very less.Never have interest to do that.Just i prayed some as the family use to do.So iam an atheist always,but i didnt know that meaning before as... ? is called if a person who dont pray God.Iam an internet user for a very longtime.But i didnt searched about Atheist in internet before.First of all i dont know the meaning of atheist before.Some 5 or 6 months ago i searched & found a blog about Atheism.After that i started to view some atheists sites and oneday i joined here.
Unlike some people having problems in their religious family.I dont have that problem,Iam happy for that.In my home,they know i wont believe & they never interfere.My rules,thats good for me.The people who pray,Let them pray & the people who dont,let them be in their way.Useless fights are going on for these.Everyone has their own choice.I wish everyone live in PEACE.But actually its not happening...

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus, Sameer! Glad to hear your family doesn't interfere.
Yes,that is good my family dont interfere.They are not so strict like some other theists.I do ? i want.Its like that.I live freely in my rules.




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