Hello. I don't believe in a god..... and I'm still a good person.

Hi, names Eddie and I have been an Atheist since high school.  Joined Atheist Nexus to meet like minded individuals. 

Despite what theists like to believe about atheists, I do have morals and beliefs. Those morals and beliefs are not, however, motivated by religion. One can live a life without religion and can be moral at the same time.

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Well, yeah.

The assumption of moral superiority is the most annoying thing about religious people.  Who is more moral, one who is motivated by divine (and possibly imaginary) reward/punishment and follows an ancient, authoritative text, or one who cares about and examines the effect his/her actions have on the lives of others?

As J.D. Salinger wrote, treasure is treasure, be it in heaven or on earth.  Is "doing the right thing" more valuable when done for treasure or because one reasons that it's the right thing?

It's actually pretty easy to argue that all but the most whacko fundamentalist Christians are deriving their morality from somewhere other than the Bible; they tend to pick and choose from Biblical rules at their convenience, ignoring the obviously ridiculous stuff. 


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