...or Sandy. I am a non-theist - preferred over atheist because how can you not believe in something you say doesn't exist and that often atheism is becoming like a religion unto its own. Anyway, I started out as a non-theist and was indoctrinated by tradition by non-enthusiasts who sent my brother and me off to church while they slept in ! I did the route of searching and trying to believe but could never really manage it with any conviction or a straight face...I mean have you ever tried to talk poverty with an Greek orthodox while he is swinging incense in a ball that probably cost as much as my car? Or family violence with someone speaking in tongues? I have become overt as those on the fringe demand more killing in the name of one god or another, and mingle so-called patriotism, misogyny, racism into this artificial construct and try to insert it like a vaccine into every oriface.

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Incense ball costs as much as a car? What does it have, diamonds on it??
Just gold.  Those things are weapons too, I swear.
given the price of gold these days, you could get a decent used car for the value of the incense ball :)
Hi, pixie, PRG, and Elyse.
Thanks for the welcome, Eugene.  I should have said that some people treat it as a religion - even the trend of the day, of course on it's own merit it simply the absence of belief.




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