I had a few friends that were deconverted from Xtianity, so most of my online activity has been a regular poster over there.  However I stumbled across this site, and it seems like an appropriate place for me to drop in.


I currently am going through a hostile divorce, partly due to religion.  When we first got married 20 years ago, she had no problem with me being an Atheist, and I had no problem with her very passive Xtian beliefs.


Time changed that, she  grew more and more religious, and looked at me more as "evil" then she ever did.  Thats when she started drinking heavy...


Then came the drugs.  Due to a bad back, she discovered the joys of pain meds!  Oh man and what a pleasure she was to be around when she got drunk while on pain meds!   


Long story short, the substance abuse as well as, and fueled by, was religion that caused me to today, having all my worth in danger of being taken from me in court.


Really sucks.  A good example is how even just a little bit of religion in your life can propagate so many different problems.  


Whenever delusion is present, there will be negative repercussions.


Well anyway, Hello Folks!




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