My name is Adam and I really have allways been an atheist, but I just recently decided that I needed to voice my beliefs and stand up for what I believe in or don't believe in.


I quickly found myself in a position of ignorance and was having a hard time defending myself and my beliefs.  I then began to search for a place to call my home or base of opperations to rally my thoughts so that I might not lose my next battle because of studdering and/or lack of information.


I found this site and began to quickly realize that I was far from being alone and that it was more than alright to not believe is such a thing as god/or gods.  I also started to read the bible.  I know to some this may seem counter-productive, but a lot of people said that the story the bible tells is acually very violent and imorale.  Most of it anyway.


I hope that I can find some "ammunition" here to help me defend against religious attacks on my character and my sane understanding of life on earth.  I know there is lots to learn and understand so, I hope i will find infinite wisdom within this community.

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I really do appreciate the words of encouragement Roland.  It's good to know that there are people who see it as I do.  All of the weight off of my back is such a relief. 

Hello fellow heathen brother Adam ;)

Welcome, I hope you find your answers here, it's a good place to do it.

No, there is nothing counterproductive about reading the bible, in fact, I do not know how anyone

can really feel comfortable with their theological world view without examining both sides.

Everyone should read it.


Also, if you havent already, I highly recommend Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion.

After reading it, you will be well armed for that next confrontation with a theist :)

I will be purchasing this book ASAP.  I'm also very interested in another of his books titled "The Greatest Show on Earth"   Have you read that one? 


Thanks for the warm welcome into the community. 

I have that book, but havent read it yet because I am in the middle of Jerry Coyne's

book, Why Evolution is True, which is excellect and well refferenced.

If I am not mistaken, Dawkins added some comments to the paperback edition of God

Delusion. I belive these comments are in response to the reception he got from original hard cover. So if you are like me, and MUST have hard covers of everything because they look

like real books in your bookcase ;) be sure to check out his website, which has the added comments in text, or a video where he reads it aloud to an audience.

Hey Adam, I also recently identified myself as an atheist. I don't think I truly "bought it" (meaning theism/deism) but I was careful not to examine it too closely. I was more worried about what felt good or accepted than what was true. So that's why lots of atheists are more knowledgeable about religion than the religious (you've probably seen the news articles on that in the past few weeks). To me, the bible just doesn't interest me that much anymore, but I commend what you're doing. There's lots of good ammo at The Atheist Experience if you need it, and you'll find lots of suggestions here. I could read for a hundred years and still keep learning.

I find it hard to believe. . .that people believe.  At least we were able to overcome the taboo of not believing.  And the best thing about it is that we can still be good, moral people without that belief and have a lot more fun while we're at it.


Thanks for your words of welcome. 




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