I am 27 and from the Mid-West of the United States. I grew up 60 miles south of Chicago Illinois. I currently reside in North-Western Indiana, just outside of Chicago. I was raised Catholic. My mother was actually going to be a nun when she was growing up, but at the last minute decided to have a family instead. (a.k.a.- got knocked up in high school) I have 5 older half brothers and 1 older half sister from my parents misc. marriages. I was born much later (10 - 25 years) than my siblings. My mother was always a mislead but devoted Catholic, and my father never acted like religion existed. I think the last time I went to Church was my conformation.

I just slowly felt like it was all just a really stupid concept threw out my life. Until in early high school I just asked God for a sign that there is something. But all would do would be to hear how crazy the Church goes to push it's views, and how corrupt any church is, and I started thinking about what the core christian beliefs are, and how that was just insane to me. Anyone with enough logic couldn't possibly believe that. I started looking into more spiritual and atheistic religions by my sophomore year of high school. I never really found anything that just seemed sane. After trying to really reach outside of myself for a meaning to it all, I found science. By my junior year of high school Science became my religion. Everything I could read, or watch, information, I just wanted to know. Astronomy, Marine Biology, Paleontology, Entomology, Psychology, Meteorology, Vulcanology, you name it, I am all about it. I really am sad that I am not in any of those fields. I even went as far as a year of psychology and Purdue University. But only to fall back to my first love and what helped get me threw years of CCD classes, drawing and art.

I am hoping to find a group of like minded intelligent individuals to share thoughts and ideas with. My old, stand back and keep my mouth shut and let Christian be Christians days are at an end. I know that I'm kind of not only coming out of the closet about it, but coming out kicking and screaming. But the more thought I put into it, and the more information I find out about religions, the more I feel that religion breeds ignorance and complacency to authority. Who profit financially, and take diplomatic immunity to their hypocritical actions and in-actions.

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Welcome to you, Melissa, you heathen! I truly hope you find a connection with this community, too. Everyday more of our ilk come forward and stand up in our own ways against irrationality and bigotry, ignorance and oppression. Thanks for "coming out" and welcome home.
Welcome, Melissa :)




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