Just wanted to say hi. 40 years old,grew up in the Pentecostal, apostolic faith. The last 3 years I have bounced from church to church trying to make sense of things I did not understand. Well it just caused more questions to the point I realized I could not believe anymore. I will be honest just now coming to grips with the fact I do not believe is still a bit scary and as much as I wish something would just click to where I could believe again. I m starting to realize it is not happening

Dont want to ramle too much. Thanks for the group here


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Hello and welcome.

It might be easier if you could snap your fingers and actually truly believe again, but ut usually doesn't work like that. For me there were times when I wanted to believe, but i have just never been able to. You may want to believe your cat didn't eat your bird, but the blood and feathers on it's mouth give too much evidence to the contrary.
So, welcome again, and let us know if we can help the inevitable questions and angst that come with true knowledge, which compensates quite a bit for faith.
Welcome, glad to see reason has won out. Nice to meet U.
You're too late, all the web members have converted to Oprahism.

'On ne devient pas athée par souhait' 

Napoleon Bonaparte

Les Athées Napoléonienne


Hey Tricia!  I hate to say it, but Jesus doesn't love you.  He's too busy being dead.  But we all do!  (Or, I do, anyhow!)


I know it's a hard process.  You probably feel like you've lost a good friend.  But I know that, now that you have put away your old superstitions, you will be able to make new and better ones, rather than the imaginary friends you used to keep.  :D

Thanks everyone


Mike TY. I actually have him on my FB now, Has been very interesting listening to him. Coming from the same denomination as him I can relate to some of his stories. :)


Thanks again everyone

welcome to atheist nexus tricia!

Hi! Welcome to the site!
Welcome Tricia, I'm also a new member. I also struggled with not believing anymore. It takes a while to get over the brain washing that was done to us and children.  Just wanted to say welcome

Welcome Tricia,

   Carl Sagan once said that once you see the light of science and reason, you can't go back unless you have a brain injury.




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