Well, my name is Sara. I live in the wonderful theist filled state of Tennessee. I am 23 years old. Unemployed, but I start college at the end of this month (majoring in Biology), so that is my semi decent excuse for being job free.  This whole post is really just rambling, but it goes in extreme mode after this, won’t hurt my feelings a bit if you skip over it.

My atheist story is rather boring. I was raised in a Christian family. The Bible story never really made sense to me; I remember questioning the crazy stories from a young age. I’m not sure how it is everywhere else, but where I’m from, it’s either science or religion. People here are so completely sure that evolution is false while even as a kid the line “we’re from monkeys” (I know we share a common ancestor with them now though) made more sense to me than “God created you.”  I mean, seriously, some people do look like monkeys. I went back and forth between questioning everything and “picking and choosing” what I wanted to believe. By the age 17 I was sick of trying to force myself to believe what everyone else did and realized I was one of those “evil atheists” that everyone complains about.

                My atheism didn’t mean anything to me until recently. I think once I became comfortable with it and stopped caring what other people thought, I could open my eyes more to what’s going on around me in the religion world. Wow! What a crazy realization it was! I started thinking about all the things people could be doing instead of wasting their time at church. Could you imagine if just one Sunday out of every year every churchgoer did some sort of volunteer work instead? I know animal shelters could really use some extra hands and the extra cash! Imagine more homeless shelters, or other helpful buildings, instead of churches. I am not saying that churches aren’t helpful at all, just that there are better ways things can be done. I know I would not feel comfortable going to a church for help. Within the past year, I started reading the books, watching the videos and reading things online. Many of these things made me angry towards religion and the way it makes people think. I used to get annoyed at the people who complained about God being mentioned on money and in the Pledge of Allegiance; now I’m one of those people! I just want to be able to go one day without having religion thrown in my face.

                Didn’t mean for this to be so long, but I am too lazy, and care too little, to go back and delete things. Anyway, I am glad to be here and hope to fit in with you all!

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I've heard people say "thank god" for pretty much everything, I probably have heard it and just didn't pay attention.

Yep, I wouldn't mind a million dirty looks or rude things said if I could help even one person who is questioning their believes or someone who isn't comfortable with their atheism yet. :)
I don't do the religiously grateful side of things, but I still curse like a Catholic. That and I'm fond of "God knows," as shorthand for "No one knows," since God is make-believe.
My favorite question for believers is: "if Jesus cures SOME blind people, why not Cure blindness? If he picks and chooses who he heals of a disease he created doesn't that make him sort of a jerk?"

I bring stuff like that up a lot. "God be praised! 12 people survived that horrible plane crash!" Yeah, but what about the other 50? How does God decide to save 12 and through inaction kill the other 50? Hard to say the being that created an entire universe isn't powerful enough. Wouldn't it have been easier to simply prevent the plane crash in the first place?

Then there's the ever famous: Why won't God heal amputees?

When I see someone's leg spontaneously grow back good as new, uber-advanced science not withstanding, then I might believe.
Glad to see more people like me are from Tennessee are atheist, rare breed really in the bible belt.

Your story really sounds really similar, very similar actually and I'm extremely happy to meet you :D

Heh, whenever I do volunteer work people would always say," You're such a good christian." Which sort of makes me stutter a thanks or something. So still going at admitting my atheist belief..
Try asking them what being a christian has to do with helping out.

It's ridiculous how America has come to view things. Because a "good samaritan" helps a guy out i nthe bible everyone assumes they are imitating the guy because they are helping someone out. It's simply insulting to assume that without god in my life that I wouldn't do nice things for people.

Hey Nic,

"To Christ" was an old game, wherein beings tended to psych each other out That is, they used various valences as "individuals", and exchanged them between each other in the game
For example, a being who's latter game-name was Hesus (Jesus The Psychiatrist), had played that game, and this planet is still in "driving each other mad" mood of his impact of revealing his "identity" or "sound of an impact"

To Christ game was about driving each other mad

America, among other things, is a planet, not just a "continent" or a "country"

In the "bible" they are imitating, cause hiding behind false "identities" was a part of a game And then "bang!" - everyone reveales his own "real identity" at the impact at the end of the game That's where "revalation" cames about - revealing your identity during the impact By the way, this valence impact use was quite common in Home Universe matrix games-planet Earth game field - The Assasin will reveal his "true identity" as such during the impact of successful play of assisinating The King by prior pretending to be The Concubine" and nailing him in his bed - while The Queen was crying in the next room For example, Kennedy's wife The Queen crying over The King, while The Assasin impacts the winning sequence after using fake Osvalds (The Rebel) identity
However, this planet is a copy of original games-planet Earth on tropical touristic planet of dinosaurs (it was dinosaurs play-field for tourists, until Yushipondrec banged it in one of the game sequences some 75 million yers ago)
So, pretending with identities is still within the impact wave - you can unlock it by removing double-scalar waves screen above the surface (26,5 km off the ground)
Wow, glad to meet you too! It's hard in Tennessee! Religious nonsense is everywhere around here. Happy to see another atheist from my state!

Glad you had a similar story too. I was a bit embarrassed to type out my story. I've read quite a few of the other introductions here and it seems like many have some crazy, sad stories.

I have a hard time admitting my believes to certain people, and at certain times, too. Especially with something like that, they're saying something nice (in a way) and I'm not sure if it would be rude to say "yeah, if only I wasn't an atheist." That's cool you do volunteer work though, and that you do it because you want to, not because you want to please an imaginary friend!
Welcome. I am new too. Good to see a fellow southerner in here. I am from North Mississippi!
Thank you. I'm glad to see fellow southerners and fellow new people here! So, welcome to you too! :)
Yeah, only one state over, here. We should hang out sometime.

Of course that's nearly 600 miles, in this case, which is a bitch.
everyone should come to the texas free thinking convention here in dallas! we could all meet up
Give me another year or so. I should be a lot more mobile if I can get my comedy tour started up.




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