Well, my name is Sara. I live in the wonderful theist filled state of Tennessee. I am 23 years old. Unemployed, but I start college at the end of this month (majoring in Biology), so that is my semi decent excuse for being job free.  This whole post is really just rambling, but it goes in extreme mode after this, won’t hurt my feelings a bit if you skip over it.

My atheist story is rather boring. I was raised in a Christian family. The Bible story never really made sense to me; I remember questioning the crazy stories from a young age. I’m not sure how it is everywhere else, but where I’m from, it’s either science or religion. People here are so completely sure that evolution is false while even as a kid the line “we’re from monkeys” (I know we share a common ancestor with them now though) made more sense to me than “God created you.”  I mean, seriously, some people do look like monkeys. I went back and forth between questioning everything and “picking and choosing” what I wanted to believe. By the age 17 I was sick of trying to force myself to believe what everyone else did and realized I was one of those “evil atheists” that everyone complains about.

                My atheism didn’t mean anything to me until recently. I think once I became comfortable with it and stopped caring what other people thought, I could open my eyes more to what’s going on around me in the religion world. Wow! What a crazy realization it was! I started thinking about all the things people could be doing instead of wasting their time at church. Could you imagine if just one Sunday out of every year every churchgoer did some sort of volunteer work instead? I know animal shelters could really use some extra hands and the extra cash! Imagine more homeless shelters, or other helpful buildings, instead of churches. I am not saying that churches aren’t helpful at all, just that there are better ways things can be done. I know I would not feel comfortable going to a church for help. Within the past year, I started reading the books, watching the videos and reading things online. Many of these things made me angry towards religion and the way it makes people think. I used to get annoyed at the people who complained about God being mentioned on money and in the Pledge of Allegiance; now I’m one of those people! I just want to be able to go one day without having religion thrown in my face.

                Didn’t mean for this to be so long, but I am too lazy, and care too little, to go back and delete things. Anyway, I am glad to be here and hope to fit in with you all!

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Welcome! Sounds like you and I had similar journeys out of Xianity, though it took me until about 25 to fully come out of the Atheistic closet.

Hope you enjoy the discussions 'round here at the Nexus!
Thank you for the welcome! I am so glad I found a site for like-minded people.

I think it would have taken me longer to come out if I didn't have fundie grandparents. They make me laugh. Couldn't truly believe in something that I found laughable.
I think it would have taken me longer to come out if I didn't have fundie grandparents.

I was raised low-church Episcopal, which I think is why I never confronted my doubts as a child. Very pick-and-chose, liberal-hippie flavor of Christianity; women, gays, minorities, people of other faiths, all A-ok with us and no one ever tried to convince me that Creationism was anything but a poetic fairy tale.

What finally did it was moving from Detroit to St. Louis and suddenly being in the presence of so much fundamentalism. "Damn! These people really, really take it all literally!" I thought. Forced me to confront how, even as laid-back as my church was, we are still being complicit in the religion virus. Suddenly, I wear a cross necklace and I wonder if other people think I'm a fundie. It's kind of like saying, "I don't support the third reich or that side of Hitler, I just wear the swastika because I admire the man's PR talents."
Very pick-and-chose, liberal-hippie flavor of Christianity; women, gays, minorities, people of other faiths, all A-ok with us...

I wish more believers were like this. It's hard to find a believer that doesn't hate some random group of people because of something written in their holy books.

I like your story! It would be interesting to see/watch the reactions from a person with such a laid back faith to the fundamentalists.
Hey, fitting picture you have there! I don't actually "lol" at many internet things, but that got a laugh. Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome Sara! I'm new here as well. I live in the bible belt so you must know I argue constantly. While I say I don't know, the say I know. When asked for evidence that god exists and is going to save them they either reply with the good ol' generic answer, "only god knows and he works in mysterious ways." or they tell me we won't be having the same conversation in 20 years.

My favorite question for believers is: "if Jesus cures SOME blind people, why not Cure blindness? If he picks and chooses who he heals of a disease he created doesn't that make him sort of a jerk?"
Hello, thank you! It's hard to keep my mouth closed around people here, so I understand that! I can't stand arguing with religious people, you're right when you say that they always have some sort of generic answer they turn to. They like to latch onto it when I tell them that I cannot be 100 percent sure that there isn't a god though. That's when they launch into one of those personal experience stories, then I get to tell them all about coincidences. I'm not very good at debating though; I either get mad, laugh or feel sorry for them.

I like your favorite question for them. I might have to steal that one day!
ohhhh yes. i'm very familiar with this kind of reply.. for example: "well I was drinking too much then I said: God, if your out there, give me a sign. and it started raining." This is a REAL reply that someone has given me. I mean, how do I answer that? Do I explain precipitation? Do I say something in simpler terms, like well, sometimes, it rains? sometimes, it snows, sometimes, it's hot, sometimes, it's cold. It's just so generic, and just a cop out to say THAT is how god has shown himself to someone. Some people say they heard his voice (although I haven't heard many people go into crazy detail like some accounts I have read about) according to neuroscience, they are CRAZY. There are even some ridiculous people that assume that they meet someone is because god put them together. An example for this would be actually last weekend. My dad came by to visit and introduce his new girlfriend to me, whom he has known for about a month, she told me god put him in her life. I asked her, "are you nuts"? she found it offending of my lack of faith in god. I told her, that's because we created god, not the other way around. Then, commence the age old argument "jesusfreaks" put on rational people. I hate how people explain the good things in life are the work of god, when the good things in life is a result of something YOU or someone else did. If you meet a kickass person at a kickass party, did god make you have a good time? no. you did.

dunno.. I'm writing an essay, and today I had an interview with my good friend who is a pastor, that turned into a heated debate that resulted with me getting no work done.. kinda frustrated.. sorry for the rant on your page.
It's ok to rant on my page! I have never met another atheist, that I know of anyway; it's really nice to know that there are people out there who feel the same as I do.

I totally agree with disliking when people blame god for something they did themselves. Or, even worse, when they give god credit for curing a loved one of some disease. I feel bad for the doctors sometimes. Basically anyone who thinks god does anything for them annoy me. I'm not sure if that's bad, but I can't help it. My grandfather likes to tell me that god helped me get into college... I find that insulting, like I couldn't do it on my own and needed some invisible thing to help.

I also agree with your reply to Bear, it's sad that people assume a good person is a believer simply because they are good. Crazy people..
awesome! Know that you are not alone, but don't discount that you are now part of a minority.. We are and always be subject to pointless preaching and bullshit as long as we are open about who we are.. also, just as a second thought that has nothing to do what I was just saying, Why do people always thank jesus when winning sporting events? why not thank lucifer for being more metal?
Thanks for the encouraging words! I'm used to being in the minority of things, but the hate that comes from being an atheist is a bit different. I experiment with it sometimes, just to see the reactions I get from people. I like to wear my atheist t-shirt out to places and be the nicest person ever. I usually get the "wide-eyed, distrust" face first, then a really odd looking face once they see that I'm this nice little person. It's amusing.

I don't think I've ever heard anyone thank Jesus for sport related things, but I'll pay attention to that now. Might have to ask them your question just for fun.
You haven't heard anyone thank jesus for sporting events? check out football!

I'm glad your wearing an atheist shirt out in the open, although I'm sure most people will be rude and write you off, there are some people that may question they're own beliefs by seeing the courage you have by wearing a pro atheist shirt out in the open in the bible belt




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