Hello! My name on this site is Skycomet Heretic. Many of you already know me from think atheist, where I am simply "skycomet."


My life has not been easy in the past 6 months I've spent as an atheist. My theist family has not reacted well... to put it mildly.

That's why I'm glad to have online support groups like this to talk about things I never could to my family. My brother got mad today when he asked my mom about "how many Baptist churches are in the area." - I answered that I believed there were three. I knew one of them was down on I-275 because I had seen it and it always had big flashing lights. I was dumbfounded when he exploded on me!

I'm like... what did I say?

[Apparently it was not "what I said" but what my brother thought I was "going to say." lol]

He said, "We all know what you were going to say!"

Then later, he attacked me again at dinner... he fired off a bunch of insults [at what should be record timing] about my atheism... saying things like "I was being used by Satan" [WOW!! That one's ORIGINAL!! Haven't they been saying that since, like, the MIDDLE AGES?! LOL] and "I was just trying to get everyone mad by rebelling against everything [they believed, which included Republicans, Christians - Protestant, Conservatives, etc] and I was "rebelling" by being an atheist, and an independent liberal... apparently.

My brother appologized later on and I could see he was sincere, so I forgave him, not that I took him seriously anyhow!

The things he said were so rediculous I had to bite my tounge to keep from laughing.


Anyhow... I digress... I am a "first-generation atheist" living among theists.... and [as far as I know] I'm the only atheist in my living family [including my extended family]. The vast majority of my family are Protestants, the only other anomalie being a family of 3 Jews and a "half Jew/ have xtian" mother and wife. [I don't know them very well.]


I wouldn't tell my mother's side of the family I was an atheist if my life depended on it! The reason - they live in the HEART of the "Bible Belt." - Although most of them aren't fundies, they're still conservative and would not understand or even condemn my atheism. [When I say their in the Bible Belt I mean it literally... my grandmother LITERALLY lives in the same neighborhood as the Fallwells! - Just walk a block down the street...]

My family goes up there a lot on Spring Break to spend "easter" there... at which time... I pretend to be "a good little theist" and go to church... [hoping my mother won't out me - she didn't understand that she couldn't out me to her friends and family the first month or so after I came out to her. I was horrified to find out she had revealed my secret to her best friend without my knowledge. - Although I think she will honor my request to keep it quiet -why she couldn't understand why you don't "out an atheist" is beyond me! *rolls eyes* - anyhow, the rest of the time I spend in Lynchburg, Virginia is probably going to be playing video games, spending time outdoors, and avoiding annoying relatives... lol.


I love my family very much... it's just... like most families we have PROBLEMS!!! LOL


When it comes to me:

I'm 21 years old... my birthday was on December 16! And, I'm trying not to get to excited about reaching the "legal drinking age" and over do it. lol


I'm a sophomore in college and I'm majoring in psychology.

I am particularly interested in behavioral and abnormal psychology.


I am a single female... looking for friends and casual dating... [I'm not out looking for a "serious relationship" but if one creeps up on me... I'll roll with it.]


My favorite hobbies are star-gazing, biology [esp. evolution], reading [fiction: horror, mystery and fantasy - nonfiction: religion, politics, science, current events, and economics.], writing [esp. blogs... which I sometimes go on bursts of writing inceasantly... it's like I have an "itch in my head" that will only go away if I write whatever's bugging me down. lol, and music [singing, listening to music, playing the flute, playing in marching and concert bands.] , and finally, "messing around on the computer" - modding the sims 2 and 3, learning programing code [still working on this, so don't overload me PLEASE!], [some... umm... activities I won't specify in case the copyright facists are watching me. lol], and anything to do with computers, basically.


As for style... I tend to go for a "soft lolita goth" style "in theory." - if I had the courage to wear that stuff out in public I would... but I'm a wimp so I settle for jeans and a t-shirt and an emo attitude lol.

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Hey dude. It's fascinating to me how entrenched theoconservatives are in their fantasies. I personally don't have to deal with a very religious family :D (although my mom believes in the supernatural, she is very tolerant... or thinks I am naive and will "grow out of it")

It's great that you have a lot of hobbies. My set of interests are comparatively narrow. I am interested in the sciences, but especially the neurosciences, where I hope to work in someday. I think it is through technology that the human species will gradually enlighten and transcend itself, and cast off the illusory and shallow promises of religion. I guess I'll be taking basic psychology on the side, but ultimately, I want to take a reductionist approach to understanding the human mind :P

Are you planning on moving out of there someday?
Re: Cosmos.


About being a heretic. Found out recently (via Pat Condell) The Heretic comes from the Greek Heritikos - meaning 'able to choose'.

We have all chosen to give up our faiths (if we ever had any) and we are all heretics in the truest sense of the word, up to and including the perjorative sense that the word connotes when used by the religious.

I'd take anyone calling me a heretic as a compliment.

P.S Cool Invader Zim avatar!

The "doom" song....
PS! For any zim slaves... Invader Zim returns for 1 month to Nicktoons in March! No joke!
"Cosmos" is amazing; I just discovered it on Hulu a few weeks ago, and I can't believe that I had never heard of it before! It should be shown in every high school.
Another amazing series that might be before your time is "Connections" by James Burke. There were three series. Some might be available on ewe tube.
Sweet, I'll have to check it out after class! Thanks for the recommendation. :)
You're welcome. This has made me think about all the things I take for granted, but maybe I should be spreading information about them.
I've got the special edition with some additional interviews on DVD, I've loved every minute of it!

I was sick at home not so long after I bought the DVD's so I watched all the episodes in order.
The show is made of awesome with sprinkled epicness on top, but the musical theme gets quite annoying after 4 hours or so.
Hi, Sky! <3

I am particularly interested in behavioral and abnormal psychology.

Just look on the bright side, you have your own personal supply of case studies! :D
HA HA HA!!! Yeah, you're probably right.
I hope you can find whatever it is that you are looking for here.




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